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2/7/2006 4:01 pm

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All things considered I can honestly say that we are closing in on finding the "right" couple for us. We have talked with a few and met with none as yet. But we have spent some quality "IM" chat time with a terrific couple that excites us both. We are hoping we can get to meet them soon. I know that most of us say we are looking for friendship first -- I wonder how many people truly mean that? My partner and I are sincere in wanting a friendship -- to be with a couple that we like and enjoy being with and that feel the same about us. We are big believers that the "chemistry" between us must also be right. We think that it has every potential to be right with them. Only time will tell.

We are new at this and after chatting with some on here we found we needed to rethink what we really wanted from 3/4somes - and what we expected to give and get. We now think our expectations of 3/4somes more realistically reflect our desires. We also think that by doing this we have also closed any gap that might have interfered with getting better acquainted with this wonderful couple. Now it only remains to see where our relationship with them may go.

Despite its many flaws -- AdultFriendFinder does provide a chance of meeting the one special person/couple that you are looking for.

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