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1/10/2006 3:42 am

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It looks like I will always be the one to write our blog - so here goes some "venting" of frustrations. We have met on AdultFriendFinder THE woman we believe would be perfect for us. She seems to think that we are an excellent choice as well. We are trying our best to get to know her and arrange a first meeting. So far its been very frustrating. First Shiela and I do not live together, so if "we" are to at least chat with her all three of us have to be here on line at the same time. Our friend works shift work and is often not available to chat. I've managed to catch her on line a few times and we've had some VERY stimulating chats for a short while. She has yet to chat with Shiela and we both want to move forward with this to a real relationship! I am certain our new friend feels the same way. I know patience is a virtue but if I were virtuous I wouldn't be here would I?

Shiela and I have shared our intimate desires and fantasies that we'd love to enjoy with our friend and we are so turned on by it that we are practically horny 7 x 24 -- in fact I am as horny as hell now. I am sure we will all connect in time, so in the mean time Shiela and I play with each other - which is so totally awesome in itself that I could never complain. And if we are a part I just do it by hand, with the help of the picture alblums of our network friends!! Much thanks to them!

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