I will start at the beginning  

OrMan1984 33M
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3/7/2006 10:02 am
I will start at the beginning

Firstly, I am a very attractive man that doesnt judge you by your appearance, i judge you based on your character. i have been in relationships with beautiful girls. Too many girls are into me right now, and they are all beautiful and i am having a very hard time thinking that one person is enough. I have dated a set of identical twins, not at the same time, but both at different times. I enjoyed that, and that was the day i realized that i could have love for more than just one person. I do have love, but i have love for characters, i am a crazy guy that just loves to have fun. I am probably the funniest person i know. If you saw all the blogs i have written you would die laughing. I love living the fantasy. I love ninjas, samurai, cops, robbers, gangsters, Steve Zissou is one of my heros.
I like exotic girls, asians are my fav, but i dont turn down anyone, i love people, i love to find out what they have been through, i have the time to tell you. so if you want to see what amazing is then hit me up.

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