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7/17/2006 8:29 pm
OpenToAdventurs2 BLOG

Well I hope the technology cosmos is properly aligned tonite, I'm writing my BLOG, and I'm hoping it won't evaporate in the internet/Microsoft ether on the way to that happy place. AdultFriendFinder seemsbecause to really want me to write a BLOG anyhow, so here goes. Besides, my ISP only allows 2 hours between 10 am and 12 pm a day and then a sucession of 2 minute sessions once expired. They claim the two minutes keeps people from spending hours looking at these kinds of sites. They also say people need to write more e-mail and become more literate - which they are supposed to do offline and then post in their 2 minutes. This revolution will not be televised. I guess its some kind of twisted schoolmatron type discipline they want to impose on us normal people. Little do they know! Anyhow I've exhausted my 2 hours giving my viewers solid entertainment value for their money doing my cam show today, so I'll have to write this offline and post it with my next 2 minutes. (I know - you get what you pay for ). Besides I need to write something - I'm a closet writer and writing is good for my soul. Isn't it amazing how circumstances all come together for some strange reason! Alas, enough of my reality rant.

So, what brings me here?

Okay - down to brass tacks. I'm a married guy who's accepted his bisexuality. I know my wife gets really turned on when I mention all the actions I would take with another guy's cock if she was watching. She gets so incredibly hot when I share these fantasies with her - enough to dildo the hell out of me. She is a sexy Philippina who can come so many times over and over again. She loves it when I double cock her puss with a dildo and my own prick at the same time, while suggesting all kinds of perverted stories to her. And then there's rimming... . I really get off on satisfying her. However, she is from a conservative culture, where family honour and values are a key consideration. Yes she has lived in Toronto for over two decades and is used to North American cultures, but is still guarded. I'm sure that she would turn given the right boy or girl, as she seems responsive but cautious to the idea - except when she's mind blowingly horny. I know the right situation , actions and words strategically carried out, could easily turn her into a performing, action oriented bisexual slut.

I find myself enjoying all kinds of subjects on this website. My own webcam shows attract all kinds of viewers and they stay for a while - guys, gals, couples, transgendered, groups. Their comments and votes encourage me to put on even more graphic and horny performances. I like to put on a show and interact with viewers, especially when they give me instruction. It is hard to put on a show and type responses at the same time though. When I do, my keyboard and mouse get covered with lube from the dildo! My legs start shaking from being in an awkward position in front of the cam for so long. I start panting and can't stop which makes me dizzy! The on-cam view and viewer feedback make it all worthwhile. Then there's my connection stability. It's dial up... . I have learned to not open up too many chats and cams at once. This disappoints some people, but my cam keeps broadcasting and I keep my other viewers. Sorry to those that I can't chat to - we'll interact later. My latest time record before a crash was 2 and a half hours!

My hats off to those storytellers who can spin a great, cohesive and hot story - thanks! I really live for these moments. Some conversations are such a boundary expanding turn on while others just, well, they just make me afraid for society. Just when I though I knew my boundaries, someone else comes along with something else that blows my mind. This site is addictive, and I have needed to set some time boundaries. Well My ISP does that for me during the day. It's unlimited after 12am - so much for sleep...

As the handle says, I am really open to adventures. Let me know what you think.

PS: Lube is actually good for your keyboard. Frees up the keys from that accidental and now sticky cum squirt on it from the other night. Makes typnng toufffghr when your fingers keep slipping off the keys onto other ones!!!!!!!

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/17/2006 8:51 pm

Welcome to the blogs! You cracked me up with the lube is good for your keyboard one! I'll have to try to catch your cam show. I haven't watched one in a long time. Great first post! I'll be looking forward to future posts. Hey! If you get a chance, stop over at my blog and sign up for CAMP APHRODISIACGet Excited!

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