My USA Sex tale  

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My USA Sex tale

Silent Kitchen

silently stalking into the kitchen as you are drying off the dishes.Careful not to alert you to my presence until I want you to know.Your wearing apair of shorts that so off the curve of your ass.As I trance a line along the curve with my eyes I move forward and lightly run my finger tip along the exposed portion of your ass.As your body jumps from the surprise of me out of nowhere, I move my mouth just close enough for you to feel the cool air as I breath lightly on you slightly damp neck.With my free hand I slightly put my finger tips down the side of your shorts and slowly move them around to the front and just as you expect for me to move down and further the wetness of your pussy.

I move my hand up and under your shirt and move it steadly, but slowly up until I reach your partially hard nipple and move my other hand from the curve of you ass, up and along your body until it reaches your chin and I tilt you head away from my as i start to deliever gently passionate light kisses on your neck and then trace the tip of my tongue up to the bottom of your ear and then slowly reach fowrad with my hand that was holding your head and turn on the cold water as my hand playing with your nipples caresses down and unzips your shorts.

Then with both hands I lift your shirt up and off you, exposing your beautiful brest to the cool air of the kitchen.My left hand moves back down and into your undone shorts and finds it's place under you panties just stopping at the very beginning of your clit.At this point I have moved my figertips of my right hand under the now ice cold water and then bring them up and caress your exposed breast with the cold watery fingertips.

Your body lets at a shiver of cold pleasure and I use that movement to start playing with your clit.This added surprise just futhers your stimulation and anticipation of what else will come.As Im working my finger around and over your clit, your excitement is evident as your start to grind back against me and turn your head back and try to get a kiss.I denie you the first and second, but on the third attemp I move forward and kiss you deeply. I pull my mouth away and turn you around to face me.I gaze into your eyes and give you a quick strong kiss and then move down slowly kissing your neck, down alittle more to the soft sencitive spot where the collerbone meets the troat.

Further down still to the top of your breast and then trace down between your breast and then make my way to your damp cold nipple and breath slightly just before I suck on your nipple then nibble just abit before I move down your sexy abs and pull down your shorts and remove them off while I lock gazes with you.I know that at this moment that your thinkin of only whats goin on and whats coming next.Just me, you and the kitchen to witness what about to happen.I got something planned that will make you tell you friends.I move my hands back up and your legs slowly as I kiss along your waist line and your inner thighs.My hands make their way up and tease your nipples some more, before they move down and move your panties down just enough to reveal the lovely "V" shape that your hips and legs meeting, make.

I the lower abs and then move my tongue down and reach under your panties breaching the last bit of distance that remains and touch your still aroused clit.Your move some as the feeling you've been waiting for.I fully remove your panties and bring my arms up between your legs and lift you up in a position that you can only touch your toes on the floor and stab your wet, welcoming pussy and all you can do is lean back towards the counter and brace yourself for the pleasureable feeling of my tongue moving in and out you.I feel your juices increase to the point that they run down the right side of my face.

I pull my tongue out and brush lightly across your clit and then move my mouth over it and start to suck on it and massage it with my lips.your body starts to quiver just abit from this change in feeling.I continue to massage your clit, but I know there is more pleasure I can give you as I start to flick my tongue rapidly in my mouth as I have your clit in my mouth.The slight quiver of your body turns into shivers as you near your climax.I continue until you start to release and I plung my mouth down and my tongue into you so that I dont miss any of your juices.I this point I stand up with you still in my arms and you wrap your arms around my neck and I move you over to the bathroom counter and set you down on the counter.

Are eyes meet again as you reach down and start to remove my belt.I reach down and help by undoing my sipper and button.As my pants drop to the floor and I kick them to the side.Your moving your fingers around the head of my dick and I love the way it feels.I then pull you off the counter fast and turn you around to face the mirror.I reach around your and grab the inner portion of your thighs and lift you up off the ground just so that your toes are barely touch like before and I trust my dick into your soaking wet pussy until are bodies can't get any closer.You let out a gasp of pleasure and I start to pump in and out of your pussy with a medium, but firm pace.Each stroke reaching to the limits of our bodies.

I let go of your legs and move up to your breast.You remain on your toes with out realizings it.I speal softly into your ears to open your eyes and as you do you see us in the mirror and I stare into the eyes of your reflection as I bring my tongue down your neck, while still trusting into you and feeling you start to take control of it, as your grind back as hard as you can.I feel close to cumming, but I force myself to wait for the clitch of you as you cum and we cum together.I pull out and turn you to me and kiss you with sheer passionate force and then lift you up and set you back on my dick and I turn around and move you against the wall across from the mirror as you ride me.

You stare at the mirror and watch as my muscles tences and flex as I hold you up and bounce you up and down on my dick.You start to move your hips back and forth as you feel yet a third orgasm coming on.I also am aprouching my climax.I force my self to hold out for yours again.As you dig your nails into my flesh and I feel the tightening of your pussy, I let myself release with you and as you collaspe against me hold onto me and we both can only let out an "Oh".I head off towards the room with you still on my and we lay down and drift off to sleep within each others arms.

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