in need of something  

OmegaDick69 32M
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7/30/2006 5:50 pm
in need of something

you knwo what i want right now..... i want to make a woman submit.... i wana take a woman and bend her to my will make her do things she never dreamed of doing.... i wat to break her mentally and phsically i want he rliteralyl to be my slave in he rmind i want her not to be able to live with otu her master i want her to need me nay yearn for me night and day... whips chains paddles degrdation humiliation i want her to be on my beck adn call i want to use her fo rmy satisfaction my own little whore as it were. I want to hear her scream i want to hear her moan i want her body to convulse every time the whip or paddle comes down across her skin i want to mak ea woman totally submit to me never question me listen to ever order i ahve to give explicitly...... full domination....

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