dreams and such  

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3/20/2006 8:07 am

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dreams and such

I had some weird dreams last night..... alwasy ahve dreams of people trying to kill me.... they never suceed of course but its weird dreams to have none the less.... So once again i am spendin ganohter day spammingemials and stuff but now i am encountering another problem.... every time i find a chick who i think is hot and actually lives near me... THERE ONLY INTERESTED IN WOMEN. ya know as a place to find sex i've found less that the pop has gotten in his entire life in this place. And what even makes it better is i never match any ones thing.... always ahve like at LEAST one red x. and its almost alwasy age or race. so that tells me a couple things.
A) i need to go back to the west coast
B ) women are skipping over me cause they don't think i can handle an older women.
C) i need to stop paying for this thing cause its a waste of my time and my money lol

As a final note i love how when i actuaylly decide to broadcast my web cam only guys watch and they bay for me to show my dick...... i'm not gay serisouly i'm tired of guys hitting on me for once on this site i would liek to get a WOMAN to hit on me lol

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