Anatomy of a Fetish  

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5/5/2006 11:13 am

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Anatomy of a Fetish

It appears that almost everything is now considered to be a fetish by someone. For instance, I have two major 'fetishes', by that definition, being:
a)women with large breasts, and
b)being an oralist rather than simply someone who practices penetration sex.

1) Women with large Breasts: I've thought about why I am, and have always been, what some call a 'tit man' and have come to the conclusion that I love the look, the feel, the warmth, and the sense of peacefullness I obtain by suckling larger breasts. What do I consider larger? Anything at least a C cup size and above. Yes, I do know the "inches" idea is what attracts most males, but the reality is that the cup size is much more important in defining size.

I can, and literally have, made love to a womans beautiful set of breasts for hours at a time. In some fortunate women, who apparently have heightened feeling in their breasts, I have been able to make them orgasm simply from the attention I give their breasts. Maybe I simply love the feel, texture, shape, color, taste and feeling of having a reactive nipple in my mouth. I don't really know why, nor actually care that I have this "Fetish" as it's called. I simply know that I enjoy making love to them.

I also know I am not a fan of body jewelry, especially in the area of a womans breasts or clit. I feel that women have been sold a bill of goods by those who enjoy inflicting pain on others. Also, as a friend once said, I have no desire for a mouth full of jewelry. (chuckles)

2) To me, the practice of oral genital sex with a woman is the most intimate and sensual way to make love. I love licking and sucking a womans slit, and absolutely adore feeling a woman achieve orgasm after orgasm from my oral administration on that region of the body. Why most men don't love it as much as I do, I'll never understand.

If I couple my oral technique on a womans pussy with the competent use of my fingers I am almost assured of a happy and orgasm-filled partner, and let's face it - that's what we all want isn't it?

I must emphasise here the question of hygene. It is essential that any area of the body that your lips touch must be as clean and fresh as possible. The same goes for males as well of course. It is normally silly to think that any woman would be enamored with giving her male partner satisfaction orally unless the area is well cleaned.

If you would like to add your views to this I welcome them. However, note that I will remove any comment made that is there to incite others or condem their point of view. Talk to this subject only for the time being.

Plus, contact me personally as well. I am waiting for your contact.

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