What Makes America Great!  

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7/4/2006 1:03 pm

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What Makes America Great!

It's all of us! We each make our own contributions to society. It's up to each and everyone of us to contribute to make this country what it is.

Think about it! In this country... we all have the right to pursue our dreams. Even a person who starts with nothing can have anything they want if they are willing to go for it!

It didn't happen over-night... I study history and I can tell you, it was a struggle to get to where we are today. Allot of things could use some help, but without a doubt, we live in the greatest country in the world!

Think of the contributions made by every race, creed, and color!

Without the proud people of these united states... we would not share the wonderful liberties that we have today!

On this day... the 4th of July. Think about our troops... as they lay their lives on the line everyday so that we can enjoy our freedom! God bless them every one!

Remember... there is no color, race, or creed when your fellow soldier has your back in a fire fight!

What makes America great for you?

Do you have friends or family in the armed forces?

Have you or anyone you know ever served in the armed forces?

Would you put your life on the line for your country?

What would you do to make our country even better?

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