It has occurred to me....  

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3/8/2006 3:21 am

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It has occurred to me....

...that standard members can't read profiles. So, I'm cutting and pasting my fantasy here. Enjoy.

I'm driving home from work on a warm rainy night when
I see a minivan in a local business' dark parking lot
with the hood up. I stop to offer my assistance, and a beautiful
woman in a sexy summer dress steps out and tells me her van
just won't start. I figure it's the battery and
offer her a jump--an offer that evokes a flirty giggle.
I give her a smile of acknowledgement and position my truck
so that I can hook up the jumper cables, and it just so happens
it also blocks the view of her van from the road. I offer her
a seat in my air conditioned truck while her battery charges,
and she readily accepts.

As soon as the cool air hits her, her nipples become erect
and she lets out another playful giggle and explains how
that tends to happen when you don't wear a bra. I can't
take my eyes off her; she looks so incredible with her dripping
wet hair and clingy wet sundress. I ask her how she got into
this situation, and she explained that it was her first
day there as a new receptionist. It seems she had to take
a part time job to make ends meet since her husband had gotten
laid off and spent his free time--and money--at the bar.

I offer her some fast food napkins I've got in the glovebox
to dry off with, and "accidentally" place my
hand on her exposed inner thigh as I lean over to get them
out. Her skin is the smoothest I've ever felt; like
pure silk. She gasps slightly and her legs instinctively
part, just enough for me to inhale a breath of her sweet scent;
she obviously wasn't wearing panties, either.

I snap myself back to reality and suggest we try to start
her van before it gets too late. She agrees, and gets into
the driver's seat and turns the key. It starts up right
away. Dejectedly, I walk over to the open driver's
door and tell her all is well, and it's too bad we didn't
have more time to get to know each other better. She shuts
the van back off and turns to face me and asks what I'd
like to know. I ask her when was the last time she'd had
satisfying sex. Her reply:
"I think it's going to be tonight".

With that, I stepped in closer and kissed her while pulling
her hips so she sat just on the edge of her seat. I slide my
hands along her outer thighs under her dress and up to her
waist, happily realizing she indeed has no panties on,
forcing her legs around me. I pull back and she eagerly undoes
my jeans and slides them down below my knees, relishing
in the fact that I don't wear anything underneath in
the summertime, either.

As she rises, she grabs my ass with both hands and slides
my throbbing cock up the side of her face and along her cheek
before taking it into her mouth. I reach down and start unbuttoning
her dress, pushing the shoulder straps down her upper arms
exposing her beautiful breasts and erect nipples. She
is slowly working her hot mouth up and down my shaft, sucking
lightly on the head and flipping it with her tongue on every
upstroke. I cup her breasts and caress her nipples as she
expertly works her oral magic on my cock.

I tell her about how sweet the aroma of her pussy was in my
truck and suggest we head to the backseat of her van where
she can recline comfortably while I taste her sweetness.
She obviously agrees as she's out of the driver's
seat and in the back before I can even get the side door open.
I strip off my now wet clothes as I enter and relish the sight
of her leaned back in the backseat playing with her nipples,
her wet pussy exposed to my eyes.

I lean in and kiss her gently on the lips, then down her chin
to her neck, running my hands across her breasts, down her
navel and into the hot wetness between her legs, my hands
blazing a trail for my lips to follow. As my lips and tongue
find her erect clit, she arches her back, forcing her pussy
harder into my mouth, moaning, pinching and rubbing her
nipples, biting her lower lip. I lick her clit while pulling
at it with my lips and slowly slide my hands across her thighs.
While my right hand caresses her stomach and thighs, I slide
a finger on my left hand into her dripping pussy, still licking
her clit and labia.

She starts rocking her hips, creating a rythym that starts
her moaning and her breathing increases. I intensify the
pressure of my tongue on her and slowly speed up the thrusting
of my finger into her. She is panting, squeezing her breasts
and tugging at her nipples and I can tell she is about to cum.

I slide my finger out so that just the tip is in and quickly
massage the upper opening of her pussy and this drives her
over the edge. Her body stiffens as she arches her back.
I quickly rise and slide my engorged cock into her tight,
spasming pussy. She leans forward and grabs my waist, pulling
me deeper into her. I thrust harder, feeling her legs wrapped
tight around me, her nails dragging across my back. She
tells me she wants me to cum, she wants to feel my cock pulse
deep within her. I can't take it anymore and do as she
wishes, my load filling her as I thrust with her.

We are both panting and nearly out of breath, the windows
completely fogged and we are soaked; not sure if it's
sweat, the rain or a combination of the two. I keep my cock
buried in her, relishing the feeling of her still pulsating
pussy pulling at me, our bodies pressed together loving
the feeling of wet skin on skin.

I reluctantly tell her I need to get going, my wife was going
to have a ton of questions for me, and I still had to stop and
clean up before her scent gave me away! She agreed after
checking the time and realizing she was probably only going
to beat her husband home by a matter of minutes. She thanked
me for the "jump" and we shared one last kiss
before heading off in our separate directions, wondering
if this was the end of a great night or the beginning of many
great nights to cum.

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is it getting hot in here! WOW!

great post!

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