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2/26/2005 6:12 am

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I hate getting old.....remember the days when you could sleep all day on the weekends? What happened to the days when you'd wake up at 10 (or 12)and say, "oh'd I do that???" I guess waking up at 8:00 isn't all that bad....but what sucks is waking up so stiff you can't move....which from the guys point of view....that proly happens more often...but for us's not a good sign. It means you're getting older. *sigh* Most of the time I don't FEEL 40, and certainly don't act 40!
Anyway, I woke up this morning thinking about a lot of things....*grin* and one of them was how much fun it is to talk to people. I've been a member of this site in one form or other since 1998 and have made many contacts. Most of which have resulted in no actual sex between me and the person I'm speaking with......*grin* but some very satisfying and wonderful sex between me and my husband. You know, the "fantasy is better than the reality" kind of thing. (The fact is there are some WEIRD people out there! *shrug* but that's OK.....I'm sure some of them think I'm pretty weird too.) So, I've been content to talk my way along.
After losing some weight and gaining some confidence...with a gentle nudge from the hubby.....I met someone from here. We chatted for a couple of weeks.....then one night she wanted to meet, and we were free. So we ment....and talked a little, with me thinking it wasn't going to go anywhere. She wasn't what "normally" attrcted me to another woman but she seemed nice enough. While we chatted I had already done my "test"......I like to take her hand and see what they feel like.....or if there is a connection. It wasn't the bad vibe I've experienced in the past....*grin* So, we went for a walk and then my husband convinced us to take a we could talk more privately. While he was pumping gas....I was turned around talking to her and feeling shy. My hand was wrapped around the headrest.......and she reached up and took my hand.......and started kissing it! Wow, talk about a direct line to my pussy! By the time hubby was done pumping gas.....the only place I wanted to ride to..... was a motel!
Which is exactly what we did. *grin* It was great...the sex was good enough to want more, but bad in the way first time sex always is.


2/26/2005 10:38 am

So what happened at the motel? Did you and your new friend get in on alone or did you let hubby join for a 3-some? My wife an I met another guy for a 3-some and I loved watching her suck his cock and fuck him in every different position imaginable. After they both had cum many times, he mounted her doggie style for one last fuck and I slid in to let her suck me off. His pounding her pussy while she suck my hard cock (it was hard all night while watching) was enough to make me cum lots and lots. I hope to do it again.

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2/26/2005 1:33 pm

That's the spirit! Fun Adventures for Everyone!

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8/9/2005 12:20 pm

Hi "C"...I really hope I was not one of those "WEIRD" people that you met! Just not ready to go there yet! I moved, and and now more calm and in touch with myself! I hope you are still fine and having fun! Wished you lived closer to Cincy!
Remember Me?

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8/10/2005 9:51 am

Of course I remember you......and you're still the object of a fantasy or two. *wink* We DO get to Cincy quite a bit and would be willing to make the drive for all the right reasons. You can find me in the same places, so please......say hello. Even if getting together is not in the works, I'd love to catch up. *kisses*

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4/4/2008 12:39 pm

well yes we remember....

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