The Party -- Part 2  

Ohdamnitbaby69 48F
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3/24/2006 3:21 pm
The Party -- Part 2

The power was an incredible rush, knowing I held this man in the palm of my hand and could do whatever I wanted with him with no guilt, no judgment from others, and no regrets. I also noticed several other people watching us too, a few women and several men. I turned back to Jeff, straddled his lap, and kissed him, sliding my tongue into his mouth. Looking back at the blonde, her husband and her lover had changed places and watching her swallow her lover’s dick made my mouth water. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees in front of Jeff and unzipped his jeans. His dick popped out, hard and standing tall.

He glanced around somewhat uneasily but when I ran my tongue up his shaft, he closed his eyes and focused on how my mouth and my tongue felt. He put his hands in my hair and guided my head slowly up and down. Soft, slow, and gentle was the way he liked it and I all I could think of was making him cum there in that room full of people. Over and over I slide my hand and my mouth up and down his cock, swirling my tongue around the head then taking it deep in my throat. At some point Dave flipped my skirt up and began brushing his fingers up and down my slit, sliding them inside me leisurely as he watched me sucking his friend’s dick. I could feel the eyes of others on me, watching me perform for them and knowing I was being watched was an awesome sexual rush.

I lifted my head, taking my mouth off Jeff but continuing to run my hand up and down his cock, I looked around at the group that had gathered to watch. It was mostly men and nearly all of them were rubbing their own dicks through their pants as they watched. I loved knowing I was turning them on, that they were imagining what my mouth would feel like on them. Giving the group a slow, sweeping look with a knowing grin, I turned back to the task at hand. Taking Jeff’s dick into my mouth once again I find the pace that makes him groan and I use my tongue to rub against the underside and around the head on each stroke.

After several minutes of loving attention, he tells me he’s going to cum and I know he’s giving me a warning so I can decide if I want him to cum in my mouth or not. I just keep fucking him tenderly with my mouth until I feel his body tighten and with very little sound he fills my mouth with his cum, which I swallow greedily. I lick and suck every trace of cum from him before I lift my head from his lap. As he thanks me, I’m already looking around the group, wondering who will be next.

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