A question for you  

OhSweetNectar 48F
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7/6/2006 1:35 am

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7/14/2006 2:37 am

A question for you

Lets say you spent several days having mind blowing sex with a man, and he has even told you he loves you. (have known him for months)

And 48 hours after he is ignoring your phone calls and your e-mails.

What would you do?

whbiv 57M
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7/6/2006 2:04 am

Is your question what has you up at this late hour? Was dropping you a line when I noticed your blog. Sorry you are "Crushed" at the moment. In response to your question, I would sit tight for a moment or two. There could be a legitimate reason he is being inconsiderate, albeit it may be remote. You said you have know him for some months. Maybe his feelings for you have caught him by surprise and he needs a few days to reflect. Mean time you have to remain positive or you will put yourself into a spirit and mindset that will be less attractive once he returns. In the mean time keep up your workout routine and take time to make some more friends! Hope this helps. Hope to hear from you, and hope your mood improves!

maverick1255 52M
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7/6/2006 2:58 am


I think he has a problem. He is an idiot!!!

Sorry. I would see this as more than inconsiderate.


dimplesfouryou 47F
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7/6/2006 8:58 am

Don't call him again! Take it as a lost cause, go out drinking with your friends and bash him merrily and move along. If he comes to his senses, fine give him a chance to explain and take it from there. If not, got move on girl. No man who really loves you would treat you that way! Good luck!


SpinaSluedVenae 52M  
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7/6/2006 2:15 pm

I can't see how anyone would be stupid enough to do that to you!If I had a chance I know I wouldn't!

WayneMarie4girl 46M/39F

7/6/2006 2:51 pm

Give it a couple of days. No response, then ignore him.

playtime44uandi 54M
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7/6/2006 4:49 pm

I must admit I'm impressed by whbiv's comments here.
There could be a legitimate reason for this, you never know. But if it goes on longer than you can live with then there could be no choice but to move on.

~We'll Leave The Light On~

rm_truered50 70M
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7/6/2006 10:25 pm

Unless he's in a coma from a VERY bad accident, had his fingers cut off, or got electrocuted from his computer, I wouldn't give him the time of day. I think dimples has the right. But, NEVER, NEVER, EVER go back. It's a sign of future patterns!

Life's too short for that kind of shit!

PS: I've had women pull this pattern on me and I'm still alive!

JPP2200 64M

7/7/2006 7:26 pm

If I were you, I would go to his house and cut off his balls and throw them out in the street. And then I would ask him, "why didn't you return my calls?". And then I would drive away, running over his balls on my way.
But that's just me.

OhSweetNectar 48F

7/8/2006 3:32 pm

I found out just a few hours after I had left he had his "Other" woman over, and he can't contact me while she is there.

playtime44uandi 54M
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7/9/2006 8:25 pm

Other woman? Just curious, is this someone you knew about before?

A funny thing happined this week,
a friend of a friend has this model that is after him & wanting to meet. They set up a date, but just before the date he was unable to contact her. Thinking it was all to good to be true he waited a few days before even emailing to try to find out what was up. Well his waiting that long upset her. her aunt had had an anurism & died sudenly. Thats why he could not get a hold of her. She became upset with him for giving up to quickly on her. there talking things trough now. but its just an example why youshould give someone a little time to get back to you. You just never know!

~We'll Leave The Light On~

SirMounts 103M

7/9/2006 11:05 pm

Well, different people prefer to deal with that sort of problem in entirely different ways. I am sorry that it happened. *gentle hug*
A very warm welcome to blogging, OhSweetNectar. *smiling*

OhSweetNectar 48F

7/14/2006 2:37 am

I knew about it before, but was told it was only a FB(fuck buddy) A temporary piece of ass!

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