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1/19/2006 12:13 am

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Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, they are not average, normal lemons. Instead, you get some shriveled and dried up remnents that you cant make lemonaid out of. What the fuck are you suppose to do then?

To note just a few things going wrong in my life right now:

1) EY - I still can't forget and you still won't give in.

2) Lost my new job 4 days before I was suppose to start it. How the hell does that even happen!?!? The founder & president of the company personally offered me the position. He is now out of town on business and supposedly they had a board of directors meeting, (without him?) and decided that the position I was about to fill was no longer needed. The pres is a good friend of my fathers from 30+ years ago and instead of him calling me, as he had done before I went in for interviews, the accountant calls and tells me its off. Im going to have to call him tomorrow and see if he even knows this has happened.

3) I had to BEG for my old job back. I got it back but with mondo restrictions. Basically I have to ask for permission to wipe my own ass now. I have no authority, odd for being an asst. manager. I cannot deligate tasks unless they say its ok. I cannot start any projects of my own without consulting them first and ensuring that all of their tasks for the day are done. Fuck this bullshit - I NEED a new job.

4) My Jeep is having electrical problems all over the place. Figures.

5) Im on day 3 of a migrane

As you can tell - its been a glorious week & month & year. So much for 2006 being a good year.

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