Playing the Percentages  

OcelotScratch 49M
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7/2/2006 11:36 pm

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7/4/2006 12:51 pm

Playing the Percentages

There have now been a grand total of 100 comments posted to my blog. 65 of them have been from other people, and 35 of them have been my replies to those 65 comments.

Just curious. What are other people's ratio on this?

maverick1255 52M
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7/4/2006 3:26 am

How can you tell? Did you go back and look?

I use the respond almost religiously, but I am pushing 1000 comments!

MsConservative4U 42F

7/4/2006 11:59 am

mine is 50 50, i used to reply in every comments

Going Where Life Takes ME

OcelotScratch 49M
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7/4/2006 12:51 pm

On the main blog page, the Total Posts stat is for all posts. The Within the Last 30 Days one only counts posts by others. It won't do what I just did with it after I've been around more than a month.

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