Cat #3  

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7/13/2006 10:07 pm

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Cat #3

This is Ringling. She got her name, because she was the fourth cat to arrive in our household, and I said that adding her would turn our house into a circus. We ended up with two more after her.

Ringling is a Deep One. With all the other cats, I can pretty much tell what they are thinking just by looking at them. Not with this one. She just looks at you with those deep blue eyes. And looks at you. There is a thought process in there, but I can't figure it out. She may be very smart for a cat. She may be really stupid. I have no idea.

This picture shows her in her Skritching Chair. Frequently, when you enter the room, she runs and jumps into it. Or, if you are sitting in the entryway, she will come up to you. Then she will look at you. If you try to pet her, she backs up. The moment you stand up, she jumps into the Skritching Chair. Clearly, you are supposed to pet her there, not elsewhere.

Unlike myself, she loves summer. Her favorite place to take a nap is right in my armpit. Preferably, I will be sweaty, and she can rub her face there before she lies down to take a nap. If I'm wearing a shirt, she will suck on it.

Did I mention that she's kind of weird?

Unlike the boys, Ringling does have a sense of territoriality. She and Monster, the cat I haven't introduced yet, are still sorting things out. It is fascinating to watch Ringling at work. She acts very timid, cringing away from Monster. It took her three weeks after the doors were opened up to even enter the back of the house. If you watch her, it looks certain that she is afraid of Monster and is going to end up being below Monster in the pecking order. Except, as time goes by, Monster has been displaced from one location after another. It is now Ringling that sleeps with me at night, which is a major upset, given Monster's obsessions. I feel a bit bad for Monster, but it is very interesting to watch a cat lose every battle, and yet win the war.

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