Our first time  

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8/9/2006 9:59 pm

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Our first time

We met a woman one night at a restaurant. She was a sexy latina that had my husband and myself saying, "DAMN". We had appetizers and drinks and talked until the restaurant closed sometime around midnight. We hadn't noticed that people all around us were leaving, time had simply flown by. It wasn't until they started flipping chairs that we noticed they were cleaning up. We were pleased that she was an interesting woman with ambitions. We walked her to her car hugged her good bye and then made way for our own. Both of us smiling and not a word spoken as to the satisfaction of our encounter we just had with this person.
Now in the car my husband turns to me and asks, "Well, what do you think of her?". I answered him like a child getting the best gift ever,"I want her so bad you have no idea". He laughed a little laugh at me. I frowned at him then gave him a stern look of disappointment. He said, "I'm sorry, I don't remember you ever being this excited about someone before, thats all". That put me at ease as I explained to him that she made me feel so comfortable.
The next day I couldn't get her off my mind. It literaly drove me crazy for the next couple of days. I fantasized about all the ways that I would like to please her. I wanted to call her but afraid that I would come off sounding like an idiot. What would I say to her? How do I say to her that I wanted her? These feelings tortured me for about a week til finally my husband said enough. He wrote her for me and to my amazement she replied with the answers that I had hoped for, she said, "YES"!
The plan was for us to pick her up at the bart station and bring her to our home. I was a nervous wreck during the days leading up to our second date with this beautiful woman. She called us to let us know that she was to arrive at the destination in less than half an hour. We quickly left to go pick her up at the station. When we saw her I heard my husband say, "wow she's prettier that the last time we met her". I looked at him with a big grin and said that I agreed with him. This girl was hot. I got out of the car and hugged her when she came to the door. She smelled so sweet and she felt so soft. I actually felt her breast against mine as we hugged. Again my mind started racing like I was some little school girl going out on my very first date.
On our drive back to our place we started up a little conversation to feel out what direction we were going to take tonights date. The more we talked the more she let us know just how nervous she was feeling too. It was great to know that it was her first time as well. My husband seemed to keep the both of us talking. He would ask her questions that actually were directed at me as well. He made her laugh a lot and I could tell that she felt more and more comfortable.
We had arrived at our home now. As my husband was parking the car there was a silence that brought back the nervousness that I was feeling earlier. We left the car and I purposely walked behind her so that I could look at her butt. One major thing that my husband and I have in common is our lust for a sexy butt. She had a cute butt not too small and not too big. She had a graceful walk. It looked as if she glided and her hips swayed gently. She's turning me on. I'm not feeling nervous anymore now I'm getting horny.
As we entered the condo she took an immediate interest in the pictures on the wall. "These are our kids", I said. She complimented them as she made her way into our home. She sat on the couch next to my husband who was already sitting down. I invited her to relax by offering her a drink and telling her that she could take off her shoes if she desired. She said yes to both and so I made her a drink that I loved. My husband entertained her while I was preparing drinks for us. I could tell that the conversation was going well because those two were laughing and enjoying themselves. I served them their drinks and joined in on the conversation. After 2 or 3 drinks and about an hour of chatting I said to them, "I don't know about you two but I would like to take this conversation to the bedroom". Happily they both said yes.
I asked her if she liked to watch porn. She said she does and asked if we had any. I told her the selection and she made her choice,"Big bubble butts, Brazilian orgy volume 4". She sat down on the bed and laid back against the head board. I climbed over her and laid next to her on the bed. My husband sat in the chair next to the bed. She laughed and told him to join us on the bed. Of course he eagerly jumped at the invitation. Now we're all laying in the bed and the porno has just begun to get good. She reaches over to my arm and starts to massage me softly. I then start to massage her stomach. The movie hasn't been on for 5 minutes when she turns her head to me and leans in to kiss me. My husband is behind me rubbing on my back then down to my butt. She slowly slips her tongue into my mouth. I gently suck on her tongue while caressing her breast. Her body turns into mine, now we're locked arm in arm. We start to grind our bodies together while still holding each other. We start kissing more passionately now and our breathing becomes heavier. I don't know what my husband is doing, I assume he's watching us. She reaches down to my pants and starts to unzip them. I'm getting really turned on. I'm letting her take the lead now.
My pants are open and my husband gets up and goes around to the other side where she is. She and I move to the middle of the bed and continue to play with each other. I push her back and unzip her pants. I help her to pull them off one leg at a time. I then lift up her arms and pull off her shirt. I think to myself, "So much for letting her take the lead". While she's sitting up she unhooks her bra. I slowly massage her breast first the right then the left. The only thing left is her panties and I'm excited to take those off too. But she then pushes me back to the bed. She mounts me and starts to kiss me more. I'm pleased with this, then she tuggs at my pants. I raise up my hips while she slides down my pants and my panties. She gives my stomach a kiss then down to my thighs. While sitting me up she pulls up my shirt. I unhooked my bra. With her right hand she runs her fingers down my chest cupping my left breast. She gives it a squeeze while sucking on my nipple. I feel my husbands hand rubbing against my face this is great I say to myself. She sucks on the other nipple while still grabbing my breast. I reach down and squeeze on her butt. A few seconds later I push her back and take off her panties. I'm so turned on that I wanted to rip them off.
I have her on her back and her legs are spread wide open. I took a second to admire her pussy before I placed my tongue on her clit. I softly licked on her. I paid attention to her body movement as I licked on her clit. I wanted to know which touch gave her a better feeling. I looked up and saw my husband and her french kissing. He has his hand squeezing her breast. She's moaning each time I lick her. I get up and give her a kiss to let her taste herself. She motions me to lay back and I do. She teasingly kisses me on my inner thighs. Now she's licking on my clit. I feel her shove her tongue inside me, it feels great. My husband comes over to me and starts french kissing me while squeezing my breast. I start moaning loudly and I can tell it turned her on because she starts to suck on my clit. She puts a finger inside me and is now working my g-spot. I'm grinding my hips into her face. She doesn't let up, I feel myself starting to cum. I grab her head and she licks every bit of my cum. We start kissing more and I can taste me on her lips.
My husband sometime during all this takes off all his clothes and is laying in the bed next to us. He's now sucking on her breast and I went back down on her. I'm sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her repeatedly. She has a sweet taste to her. I look up to see that my husband has pre cum dripping out of him. I asked her if he can go down on her and she said yes. He grabs her with his arms underneath her butt. He starts to eat her. I then start to suck on his dick. I can taste all of his pre cum, I can tell that he's super charged up because his dick is fatter than normal. I can hear both my husband and her moaning loudly. I move up to her and suck on her breasts. My husband moves away and tells me to eat her some more. He keeps my butt lifted in the air. He slowly rubs the head of his dick across my clit before pushing it inside me. I'm fingering her g-spot while my husband rams his dick inside me. First he starts off slowly then he gets moving at a steady pace. In and out it feels so damn good to me. I'm having trouble continuing to eat her. I just lay on her she holds me as my husband continues to pound away on my pussy.
I feel him slowly stop. I continue on her til she has an orgasm. Her body starts to shake and she twitches everytime I touch her. He tells us to lay back side by side. First he puts his dick inside me and then leans over and starts finger fucking her. He fucks me awhile before he pulls out and sticks his dick inside her. I watch him fuck her missionary. He tells her to turn onto her side. I watched as he slid his dick inside her. While fingering me he held her leg high so that I could watch him enter in and out of her. He kept up his pace for about 10-15 minutes. I saw in his face that he was about to explode. I watched with anticipation as he came inside of her. He surprised me when he took off the condom and put another one on and kept fucking her. I cheered him on to keep going. She was moaning but I could tell that she was hurting because my husband was pounding her kind of roughly. She took every bit of him and lasted until he stopped. He pulled out of her and came over to me. I didn't last as long as she did He had to stop because I couldn't take anymore.
We all kissed each other then fell asleep. I was worn out and so was she, she fell asleep while I was holding her tightly.
A few hours later my husband woke us both up so that he could fuck us both again. After he came in me we all went back to sleep.

chocolate4u06 40F
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8/12/2006 4:15 pm

That has to be the best sexual experience that I have ever heard of. It sounds so sweet yet rough at the same time. I feel so horny right now. I'm glad that everything worked out for you 2.

johnnpaloalto 53M

8/21/2006 7:39 pm

Incredible story! I've only dreamt of such an experience.


8/31/2006 2:39 pm

The story is true. We had two other experiences since this one. We hope to make more good friends on here.

carmeldrop007 46F
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9/4/2006 11:30 pm

Damn, that was so... hot that it got my pussy all wet. How I would love to meet a hot sexy couple such as yourself.

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