Oh God!  

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12/12/2005 5:02 am

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Oh God!

I met him at his apartment. Just to say hi. He was so handsome, his eyes like pools of blue and green mixed and his smile was so nice. I knew right away I wanted him to touch me. I wanted to feel his soft cheek, taste his sweet lips, run my hand through his nice hair. We talked for a good long time. His eyes kept meeting mine and we flirted outrageously. I told him I needed to leave. I had to go to work. He kissed me. It was so nice. So soft and delving. It was a kiss that had me wanting more. He made me promise to come back the next morning. I could hardly wait to meet him that morning. My night had been long and I was exhausted. But my mind wouldn't stop. I went for my two mile walk and all the while I kept thinking. This had to be good. It just felt so right kissing him. I just hoped he felt the same way.
I hurried to get ready so I could see his beautiful eyes once more and that smile was just so dayumed sexy. I couldn't wait to see the rest of him. To touch him was surely paradise. He kissed me softly and smiled at me just as I had envisioned. My heart rate quickened as I anticipated more. He had this mischeivous twinkle in his eye. Turned me on to no end. We kissed for what seemed like forever and I was so into it that I never really knew when he led me to the bed. He laid me down gently as I realized somewhere along the way I lost all my clothes. He was so beautiful. I had to touch him, had to kiss him and lick him. My mouth came alive with wanting. I couldn't help myself, I had to touch him. I slid down and laid him on the bed. He was so sexy and just when I nuzzled his neck those words escaped his lips "Oh God" I just melted right there. His deep sexy voice gave me shivers. I had to hear those words again. My tongue took on a life of its own as explored every nook every crevice on his fine body. Every time I found a new place he moaned out. "Oh God" and everytime it made me want him more. I slid right between his thighs and kissed each one I could feel him tense just a little as his hard cock was just so close..I gently blew warm air on it. He stiffened as my mouth captured his dick. My tongue was all over it swirling and sucking and sucking and swirling. I heard him gasp out as he spoke those words over and over.. "Oh God" "Oh God" I wanted him badly , to feel him explode in my mouth. I could feel his body react to my ministerings..It made me want him more as I sucked harder and faster...my hands and my mouth all over his hardness as I bent to taste his balls..."Oh God " I heard again and I sucked them deeper and rolled them gently around my tongue. I could feel him moving beneath my mouth as I slid back up his hardness..taking him deep into the recesses of my throat. He began to shudder and urged me to go faster and harder. I obliged him as I brought him into a world of nonreturn. He exploded so hard and he tasted so wonderful. I almost came with him but I knew this was his pleasure alone. He never softened...I could hardly believe it. I had never before been with a man with this ability. It was awesome but before I could start again He had dragged me onto my back and I knew it was my turn to say those words "Oh God".

need_4more2 46M

12/16/2005 6:07 am

Wow! You write wonderfully and I could imagine in my mind's eye your pleasure and sexiness! Thank you. Look forward to reading more.


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