Early morning thoughts  

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2/3/2006 1:34 am

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Early morning thoughts

Well here it is 2:30 in the morning again. Sleep hasn't come easy for me lately. Too many things going on in my life. Some are awesome ,some aren't so great but they are getting better. I was just siting here fantasizing about my latest fantasy. Wanna hear?
I slip quietly into his apartment, he is unaware of my presence as I slip up and quietly slide into bed with him. I snuggle up and kiss him softly. He moans a little at the intrusion of his sleep but gently wraps me in his arms. He opens his eyes and says Good morning baby. I sigh because I am so happy here. Its like I fit perfectly, I was meant to be in his warm arms. I kiss him long and deep, savoring every drop of his warm body next to mine. He is in big trouble this morning because I have been fantasizing about him. I want to please him in every way. Just make him so sated, make him believe I am the only woman on earth that can please him this way. I reach to the corner of the bed, knowing that the ropes are there.
I tell him to turn around, I want his head at the foot of the bed. I reach beside the bed to get the restraints that I slide on each foot and I pull his legs up in the air and tie them one to each bedpost and then I secure his arms one to each corner of the end of the bed. I hear him mumble something about a kinky woman. But I just smile. I love this man with all my being. He has stolen my heart and I want him to experience every pleasure possible. I pull the blindfold out of my bag. Kiss him softly once again, biting gently on his bottom lip and then cover his eyes. I kiss his neck softly, gently , right in the hollow making him squirm a little and moan out softly. I slide my lips to his earlobe gently tugging it into my mouth to nibble. I feel him pull on his restraints and relax as he wonders what I might do next.He has taken me to places I never knew were possible to go so now it was my turn to take him on that journey of desire, passion and lovemaking. My soft hands were all over him now, stroking his chest, running my hands through his hair, my lips were like liquid fire, everywhere they traveled, leaving hot little pools of fire, bringing his senses alive, He moaned again as I knew his pleasure was mounting. I could see his shaft so tight so taut, just begging for attention, but not yet, I wanted to touch him everywhere to make us one. I softly kissed his eyelids and his nose and then a long lingering kiss on his mouth, so warm and tasty. My lips traveled down his neck again and across his shoulder and down his arm, soft slow kisses of burning desire, bringing his nerves on end, setting them ablaze with my tongue. The burning sensations making him hotter and hotter, I reach his hand and I kiss his palm and then suck softly on each finger, slowly sucking it into my mouth and rolling it around my tongue, mmmmmmmmmmmm, I can his breathing getting more labored and him moaning those words I love to hear "Oh god". Those words from his lips are like a driving force for me, I know I am pleasuring him and I need to show him more.I want him to be so ready when I finally work my way down that I need to tease him more and more. I kiss my way back up his arm and then just lightly graze his lips with mine. I sit on his chest now and bend to let him feel my hard nipple, so taut and I drag it across his lips and they open softly to taste. I moan out at his touch. He has this tongue that just won't stop. It drives me wild and I love it. I slide one nipple and then the other across his lips letting him taste them. He has a power over me which I can't explain but I can feel this throbbing in my clit as he suckles my breast. I want to cum so badly now as he sucks my nipple, dragging it across his teeth. I urge him to nibble harder as I get so close and I start to wriggle now as I know I am gonna drown him. I start to gently rock against his chest , feeling his hair beneath my smooth pussy lips and I start to squirt , my warm juices covering his chest, his nipples, running down his sides. He is pulling at the restraints now as I take a deep breath and say wow. He is talking to me now. urging me to cum again as his words just sink way down into my brain , he has a hold now. I want to drown every part of him now and I slide up to squat over his face. He moans out and says Oh yeah Cum for me baby. I am as excited as he is now as I slide my warm wet pussy gently over his lips and as soon as his tongue touches me I scream out. Oh God. I feel his tongue licking me so softly, flicking at my clit and I beg him to lick me over and over and I tell him to be prepared because I am gonna drown him with my juices and he says bring it on and I start to rock with the feeling of his tongue and I then I am so there so wanting to drown him and he knows, he slows down and lets me finish my orgasm with such a force , he can't taste it all, its sliding down his chin, the sides of his mouth and neck and I am panting so hard as another follows that one, making my head swoon, so dizzy that I have to hold on to his shoulders. He just smiles and I can tell he loves it.
I slide off him and gently taste myself on his hard nipples, s sweet and start to kiss his body again. As I feel his breathing now, so fast, so labored and I know I am giving him the ultimate in pleasure as I work my way to his navel, my tongue flicking in and out, in and out and then savoring the soft skin in the bend of his leg, not touching his hardness yet, gently kissing him softly, dragging my lips from one side to the other.I let my soft hair gently drag across the tip as I feel him stiffen a bit and I slide between his retrained legs now. I bend to softly kiss one ball and then the other, gently sucking one into my mouth, pulling it as far as I can and nibbling on it. I hear him moaning now and urging me on with his sweet words. I slide my tongue beneath his balls now as his ass is a little off the bed and I gently flick my tongue against his asshole. He pulls against the restraints now and says those words I love again "oh god". I know my tongue is torturing him now with desire, wanting, needing and I lick him over and over again, sliding my tongue In nd out of that puckered hole and his begging me now and I am relentless in my search to pleasure him. I know he can feel my hair against his balls and I rub them harder as I raise up to look at him. he is sweating a little and panting now. I love it. I bend to flick the tip of his hard cock with my soft tongue. He stiffens and moans as my mouth engulfs the head, the warmth of my mouth making him gasp out as I take it around and around the roof of my mouth, making love to just the head at first. In and out of mouth, my tongue swirling gently this way and that way. I know he is feeling every touch of my warm mouth as he moans louder and says "Oh Yeah baby" I want him to feel everything that I can give him, everything that I am I want him to be mine forever. My mouth is so hot now as I slide slowly down the length of his nice hard cock. Taking in every inch as I feel the head hit the back of my throat. I stop to taste it. To feel the hardness deep in my throat and my tongue comes alive as mouth swishes his cock from one side to the other and all the way to the tip. My mouth is burning deep into his senses as his cock gets harder in my mouth, I feel it throbbing now. OH God I love it, it makes me so hot to pleasure him , I know I have to cum again and I slide my legs over to straddle his knee. I want to get every inch of him wet with me. I rub my hard little nub over his knee as I suck wildly on his cock, my mouth is everywhere now , a wildfire to be reckoned with and I start to moan against his cock, He is begging me now and I can't disappoint him as I explode against his leg, warm juices flowing like a river, dripping on his knee, the calf of his leg up his thigh, Oh God. I relax a little as I collapse against him.
I can feel him breathing harder as he wonders whats next to happen to him. I turn around facing the head of his bed and I slide my dripping pussy just over the tip of his cock, rubbing it, teasing it and then I grasp the headboard for support as my pussy just engulfs his hardness, so slow I slide down as I feel him trying to push up. I take every inch of him and I just sit on his cock, my muscles contracting around him. He moans out again and I know he needs a good ride as I start to slowly slide up and down and up and down softly at first and then getting harder and faster, I pull his cock all the way to the tip and then slam back into him. He shudders as I feel his cock throbbing now. I need to cum again as I ride him slow now, deep long strokes and I am crying out as I just explode over him, my juices drowning his cock, his balls, running down the crack of his ass as I hear him moan out again "Oh God", I cum for what seems like forever, over and over his cock, the bed is just drenched now. I raise up, getting a drink from the nightstand and quenching my parched throat. He looks so content lying there all wet.
I am not done yet as I back against him again this time I grasp his hardness in my hand and guide it to my puckered hole. I know he loves anal and I have to please him now. I start to slip his cock slowly in my ass as he is urging me on now. "Oh God baby" Yes that it. Those words are driving me crazy again and I slide down hard on his cock. Stopping for just a minute to relax and feel him deep inside, I start to move slowly at first, long, deep strokes. Then I feel his cock throb again and I start to ride his cock with my tight ass. I am holding tight to the headboard as I start to pound against his cock. It feels so good and I start to moan out again, he is begging me now as I pound him harder and harder I can feel my clit throbbing, wanting, needing to cum again, but I know he is close now and I slow to a steady rhythm and I feel him tighten up and I know its time to cum together as I start to ride harder and scream out, he is thrusting his hips now and I am milking his hard cock with my tight pussy in a frenzy of deep strokes and we both scream out at the same time as we explode in unison. Me , drowning his balls and him filling my tight wet pussy with his hot juices. Oh my God we both mutter incoherently. I collapse against the headboard once more. Dammit he says and I smile because I know he is pleased. But little does he know, I am not through with him yet.....stay for the next part.

trainman_2001 67M

2/3/2006 6:00 am

welcun back I so happy that you've written again I really enjoy reading your fantasaies opps stories they are like real life keep it up if you know what I mean LOL

papasmurf2004 81M
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2/3/2006 11:28 pm

My goodness lovely little lady, that was great. Wish i could share an experience with you similar to that one.

rm_tallorder789 61M

2/16/2006 7:24 pm

Damm!!! Does the guy live to see another day??

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