A chance encounter  

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5/23/2006 6:10 am

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A chance encounter

It was a long day at work, she was winding down at her desk. The meeting had lasted longer than she wanted and she was just relaxing when the knock sounded. She said " come in" and there stood one of her workers. He had just started and she was a little unsure of him at first. He was very sexy, a fireman whom you could tell had been working out. The curve of his chest muscles stood out under his shirt and the deep tan he had was very noticeable underneath his white cowboy hat. She had often wondered about cowboys. He just stood there smiling at her with this twinkle in his eye. She never said a word, just stared into his wonderful blue eyes. He sat down across the desk from her.

She finally broke the silence and asked "if he needed anything" he smiled sheepishly now and began to tell her how sexy she was in the black dress and heels she had worn for the meeting. She was a bit taken aback. This was so unlike her to be so attracted to a man she barely knew. He told he and his wife played in the lifestyle and hinted maybe she would like to join them sometime.

She was very interested, after all sex is an awesome stress reliever to say the least. She told him she wasn't very worldly in that area and she was a bit shy. But then she reached into her briefcase under her desk. She was so turned on she needed some releif. She pulled out her favorite toy. He smiled as he saaw what she had and leaned up to the desk and urged her to play for him.

She leaned back in her black leather chair and slide her black high heels up to the edge of her desk. As she leaned back into her chair and spread her legs. The fireman was fidgeting now. Begging her with his eyes. He saw her soft flesh revealed as she spread her legs, no panties, only a black garter and thigh highs. She touched herself, he could tell she was so wet, it just glistened in the soft light as she rubbed herself and then ran her wet finger inside her mouth, licking and sucking, she moaned softly, mmmmmmmmm and then she slid her toy downward, it was a pink gel dildo about 7 inches long with a clit vibrator, as she turned it on the fireman leaned closer to watch. She leaned her head back and moaned as she slid it deep into her wet pussy. She was so excited now, she knew he wanted to play but she wanted him to watch as she got louder and louder and started to thrash wildly in her chair, she knew he was touching himself. She could sense it as she started to orgasm. She slowed the vibe and moaned again as her body started to contract and spasm. Oh gawd, she mumbled as she came hard, she could see him smile as she started over again. he had no idea how multiple she was and he was so excited now. She came over and over as he was amazed at her endurance, her sexiness, her need to please him. He had a handful now himself as he came with her and then when he thought she was through, she slid the toy out and began to squirt, "Oh my gawd" he mumbled. As she knew he was hard again. She drowned her chair and her desk. He was so stunned and in awe , he couldn't move, he was mesmerized by her wanton sexy self.

She leaned up and cleaned up the mess with a towel from her drawer and he looked at her with such desire. She leaned over and kissed him softly. See you in the morning she said as she handed him the towel and asked him to lock the door on his way out. He just sat open mouthed in his chair as he watched her sashay out of the room, the soft silky black of her dress molding to her body and showing the sexy lines of her legs. He couldn't move or say a word.

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6/24/2006 11:18 am

Loved the story. Nothing like a cowboy or an indian. lol

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