Blog Beginnings -- Myself  

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4/10/2005 11:32 pm

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Blog Beginnings -- Myself

Well, I doubt anyone will read this, but what the heck, some of who I am will appear here in the slim chance someone might be interested.

Since you're still here, I guess you're somewhat curious at least. So, first post will be a bit about myself. Comments about things in my profile. I'm probably going to ramble, you were warned.

At the moment, my hair is long. It does say that in my profile, but not in my photos. Those are more than a bit old now, back from when I still had short hair.

My hair started growing about 2 1/2 years ago, at the request of my girlfriend of the time. She liked long hair. If I end up in a relationship with someone who doesn't like long hair, I'm quite willing to cut it again.

I do have some more recent photos, showing my hair longer, but I don't like them, so they're not getting posted publically. If anyone cares enough to ask, I'll send them to you. I don't really mind, just don't want them up here giving a bad first impression.

Not that I particularly love the pictures that ARE up either, but they're the best I have. They'll have to do. At least until I get some better ones.

Also, in my profile, I list endowment as long and thick. Some might take this as normal male ego. I'm sure in many cases it is, knowing men.

Myself, I've heard the stats. The statistical average length is 6.4", with a range from 5.6" to 7.1". The average circumference is 5.0" with a range from 4.6" to 5.4". These stats can be found on the web if you don't believe me, though I suppose different studies will produce slightly different results, they should be fairly similar.

If you don't believe me, I understand. Interestingly, on average women believe the average is around 4-5" while men believe the average is around 8-10"...I think men watch/read too much porn, while women are routinely disappointed.

Anyhow, I said this was about me. If you want exact measurements (or more...) you'll have to contact me, but I'm not lying when I say long and thick.

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