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5/14/2006 9:54 pm

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If Anyone has truly paid attention to reading My Profile, You will see some changes have been made recently.

Although I am a Fun-Loving Nudist, somewhat Exhibitionist, I do enjoy Life as Nude as possible, solely for the comfort level itself.
Any & All Ladies who can accept that fact about Me, We already have a Foundation Block to build upon, as I will NOT Judge any particular habits you may possess.

However, My Life outside of this has NEVER been easy. Those closest to Me, some from this system, will validate that statement . There are things/events/ places in the past 25 years I have dealt with , that I would NOT Wish upon Anyone . Yet I persevere ,in the Pursuit of what I Truly Want & Desire :

What I Seek IS THAT ONE ( 1) SPECIAL LADY, Who, over Time, will come to Know ME, Understand & Appreciate Me, Accept Willingly Who I am, What I have Been , & What I Yet Hope to Become .

NO Boasting or Bragging Intended, I am a Gentleman, of HIGH Intelligence , Eloquent, Articulate, Expressive, & sometimes Argumentative.( Do NOT let the last one deter from reading further.)

I am a Highly Distinguished Combat Veteran of the US Navy : 1982-1993. I had served in numerous Theatres of Operations in My short time, e.g. Beirut,Lebanon ; UN Peacekeepers ( Kosovo, Somalia), Grenada, Panama, & Yes, Desert Shield / Storm / Sword . I did NOT possess the Luxury of being Shipboard during these sojourns, as I was a part of MIUW ( Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare ) camo uniforms & all. This may sound appealing / patriotic to some, & that's Fine. I have a Different Outlook from My Service.

That Being Said: IF YOU become Deeply involved with Me, to a point of Monogamy ,& LTR, Here is what I ask : I WILL Show ALL, TELL ALL, ONE ( 1 ) TIME ONLY ! & NEVER AGAIN . ALL I ASK IN RETURN is that YOU Respect My Wishes.

I have been fortunate enough to have been educated in Europe, in one of the finer Universities of Germany. I do Read, Write, Speak German on a constant basis, so please do not take offense if I am rambling/ muttering in something apparently incomprehensible.

The Most MAJOR Attractant to ME is Your Intellect & Degree of Intelligence, thereof. IN ALL THINGS, Worldly & Elsewise. Prove to Me You can Challenge Me in that Arena / Realm, & I PROMISE YOU, Your Panties will BE LOST FOREVER!!!

ALL OTHER CRITERIA IS INCONSEQUENTIAL : I DO NOT have a Problem with Race, Age, Weight, Breast Size, etc. I can Accept those things that make up the Individual : YOU .


The following is NOT Open to Interpretation, Up for Discussion, nor Subject to Debate :

If You need Your Crank, Smoke ,Herb,Coke. PRESS ON !!

IF You need Prescriptions to Sustain Your Existence, or to Decide Your Daily Mood, PRESS ON !!

Anything above Aspirins/ Allergys I WILL NOT TOLERATE !!! IF Found Later after Involvement with You, AUTOMATIC DEAL-KILLER !!!

ALCOHOL: I am definitely not opposed to a Damned good Drink, occasional Beer/ Wine. HOWEVER, IF you NEED a Beer at 7 a.m., Daily , or more than 4 a Day, Everyday, regardless of Libation, We HAVE NOTHING FURTHER TO DISCUSS .

Forgive this being Blunt, Forward, Direct, but I Must Be Honest with others, as well as Myself, in ALL THINGS. IF YOU can accept that, then We can move forward to something Promising.

Again, Apologies for anything Crass & Abrasive.

NOW for The Attraction :

Once You Meet Me, I will DO MY UTMOST to Captivate, & Enthrall, as a Gentleman, 1st & Foremost. Then as Time & the Fates Determine, through continuous, consecutive dates, meetings,outings, Wolfen Lust will grow between US , bearing Fruit into Love. Thus, finally ending My dogged pursuit of what I Seek. We will both eventually know this, without a word uttered,yet thoughts & feelings fully conveyed .This is My Fondest Wish, My Sincerest Hope, My Bifrost to Asgard .

IF You Truly, Sincerely, Believe in Yourself to set forth upon this Journey, with I, You know what to do next.

Whispersoftly5 53F
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6/4/2006 2:15 pm

I enjoyed reading this post even more than the first one! This post conveys a lot of really good information about you and your desires. I really appreciate how forth-right it is and respect limits and deal breakers.

Based on your list of deal-breakers, it appears I'm not somebody you would be interested in dating. I respect your values. It's very refreshing to be able to learn up front a person's limits, so that people are not disappointed. For that reason alone, I say this is an excellent post and I thank you for sharing.

My question to you is if I hit on a deal breaker or more for any intimate type of relationship, what about platonic. Are your standards the same when it comes to friends? If there exists a bit more flexibility in that regard, I'd sure enjoy a new friend - particularly one who wheres glasses and seems as well rounded, articulate and intelligent as you.


barbiebunny 37F
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6/17/2006 1:46 pm

AS the resident German Buxom Frau, dear sir, I do think you are being typical hard headed germanish (in regards to people taking medications prescribed to their doctor)

IF You need Prescriptions to Sustain Your Existence, or to Decide Your Daily Mood, PRESS ON !!

Wow. How pig headed of you. Do u really think these people chose to be like that? what about all your comrades suffering with post traumatic stress disorder? You want them to go around unmedicated for the guys that took a schilacking overseas? WHat about the guys in chronic pain?

I know people that do takes meds to get on in life, not thru their choice, but they are responsible with them and tried and true battlecats of life that dared/or thru circumstances ended up in that position. Im not advocating lazy ABUSE....but what you are saying is lacking compassion for the human condition especially being a former serviceman and all.

AS a trained psychologist, depression medication is just a cold to the head..now if they are on lithium or for something much more mentally distressing such as schitzophrenia/bipolar, etc..then I do understand as no one wants to sleep next to a whack job.

Now being a german I always love a good discussion. I wish you well in your search.

Its good to be...ME


7/6/2006 3:40 pm

I have to tell you I really enjoy reading your blog. It is nice to read something that I actually have to "think" about. Although I would not say I can measure up to your intellectual level, I do appreciate your writings. Thanks for blogging.

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