Steht , Im Wald Alein .  

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6/15/2006 9:28 pm

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Steht , Im Wald Alein .

" Stand, In the Forest Alone " being the translation of the Title. From a German Children's Song I had learned whilst growing up .

From My previous Blog "Through No Road, ...." I am still in that Forest, Stille und Stumm , with now 3 separate Paths before My Feet, yet very indecisive as to Which I Shall Sojourn Upon.

The 1st is Well-Known, Trodden before, Marked with Debris from a Tenure's Journey down this particular Path. Remnants of Apparitions Lurk behind the Trees,sometimes Seen. A Torch to Light was Promised, if I choose This Road.

But the Messenger, bearing said Light, Remains Mid-Path, Beckoning; Knowing Full that I Step Forward, I Cannot Return, & He Realizes as well.

that Path was Dark before, as it is Now. The familiar Torch was Promised before, as Now . With Crystalline Sagacity, I Remember the Light Extinguished Upon Previous Receipt, Long Ago.

"Never Again, Charon! The Path Leads to the Ferry,of which You are Helmsman!" "4 Times My Foot Touched Your Planks, almost Received !" Be Gone !

The Second, as I Gaze down its Spiralling Twists into the Distance, becomes Familiar, Yet Uncertain around Each Twist, Turn, & Bend. I espy Forks in the Path , Should I Decide to Embark, All Around , Remains; Comfortable, Compliant,Lucid;

Should I Decide to Step Again,Remain,on the Path that Lachesis Herself ordained before My Coming ? Explore those Forks as I Arrive at each ? Will Tribute again be Required at each Stile, or Shall I be Free to Pass at Some, as before, further back ? The Uncertainties, albeit Blissful & Content, Keep Me at Stance Rigid.

The Third, The Path of Prior Description, Has always been Clear, Concise; In It's Meanings & Markings, Defined. No Doubts, No Hinderance, No Highwayman. It bears Mirrored semblance to the Second Path, In almost All Aspects, Save One .

Prices,Tolls, Tributes, Coins Aplenty in Form numerous are Needed, Nay, Demanded, for the Gate to Raise . " Der Opferungen" I Must Make, has Weighed Immeasurably in opposition to Pursuing .

Dare I Travel, to the Land of Ideas, Free Thinking & Forward Thought ? To Know Again, Who I Am, & What Yet to Become,Fulfilled ? To Breathe the Air,over Ice Inviting, not Foreboding, as it tops Mountains of Nobility. To Walk the Greenest of Valleys between the Bergs,Lush in Cover of Nature. To Swim in the River of Ancient Time, where Maidens once Sang as Sailors passed, journeying Seaward.

My Stance, Rigid Still; Thoughts, Boundless;
Soul, Once Depleted, Returning to Glory, as I Peer in the Distance.

Heart, Blackened with prior Travails, Incessantly beats in Time, Filled with Renewed Vigor,in Tune with an Anthem, almost Lost; Now Remembered as I View the Trail laid before Me. Die Festung, Long Surrounding My Being, crumbling gradually, with each Footstep toward the Gate.

Lachesis will Scorn My Decision, as her Counting of Thread shall be Interrupted, but will Happily Resume forthwith, If I Pay & Step Forward.

The Last of the Norns will Guide Me, over the Time provided upon this Road; Beaming I Shall Be, as I Approach the End Destination much later, to pass My Hand to Heimdall at Journey's End, Granting Passage over Bifrost.

Sword & Shield already cast to ground, I only need to make the Final Step : Heim .

Whispersoftly5 53F
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6/16/2006 11:47 pm

It appears you already know which road you will take.

Another excellent post. I can't wait to learn more!


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