I Become a Lesbian...  

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1/25/2006 4:43 pm

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I Become a Lesbian...

As this last Saturday night continued, the experiences continued to get more and more erotic. The ladies in attendance began to slip out of street clothes and into lingere after midnight. I walked into a large bathroom to find my wife and Lady D giving oral to her husband (Mr. J.). I was minding my own business when they decided to do the same to me. They stripped me down and sucked me nice and deep. Dear Onxydoll began to draw a hot bath. I asked if she and Lady D were planning to play in the bath. They responded by inviting 3 more ladies into the spacious masterbath suite. Naked females forms of all colors; five nubian princesses in all, dipped into the the large tub. I ran the other men off and offered to serve the ladies. I was rewarded buy the sights and sounds of licking, kissing and sucking. For my own pleasure, I was able to lick pussies and titties alike. The lesbian bath experience was far too short for me. I wished I had been allowed to photograph it. U will just have to take my word how hot the scene was.
I helped the ladies out of the tub one by one and helped dry them off. We were all ready for the next part of the evening.

The above was written by Zoom; it is now my new theory that any man that only has sex with women is also a lesbian. I know the guys like this idea. No offense to anyone that doesn't agree!

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3/23/2006 12:12 am

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