Erotic Massages....  

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1/24/2006 8:00 pm

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Erotic Massages....

Saturday night at Club Dejavu. The music was pumping; people were coming in and greeting old friends and making new ones. A massage therapist was on hand that night (she hooked my back up last week!). On her table was a gorgous fair-skined goddess. Her face was down, her arms hanging down in front of her. Other beautiful women were helping massage every inch of her body. I stood there transfixed as this scene unfolded in front of me. When her hip was flexed to massage her legs and ass, it was too much for me. I whispered in her ear my desire to massage her more intimately. She expressed her approval and I slowly began licking her easily accessable pussy with my tongue. She liked it. Mr T, an old swinger buddy of mine, rubbed her as I licked. My wife helped massage her. Our willing subject was in extacy (and I think she had taken an Xtacy pill, too!). I licked her until my tongue was tired then Mr T took over and drove her wild. She enjoyed a bit more of a massage until her time ran out.

My wife took her place on the table. Onxydoll ran off all the male observers except for me. She kept her thong on (as if that would protect her!). I watched the oil get rubbed into her deep, dark, smooth skin. My dick was hard. Other ladies joined in to rub. I watched them with envy. Onxydoll was so relaxed. So peaceful. She was the center of attention. The apple martinis had her buzzing. She moaned with satisfaction. That was my invitation. I came in like a bandit. The material of her thong was hooked by a finger and pulled aside. As before with the fair-skinned honey, I dove into Onxydoll's sweet box as her hip was flexed forward to massage her legs and ass. She loved it. She knew my familiar touch and tongue. We changed up a bit. A new lady came in and fingered her vigorously. I reviewed the bevy of beauties pleasing my wife and ended up tasting the sweet nectar of the same fair-skinned honey (let's call her Baby T) that I had licked earlier. We all enjoyed licking and rubbing and tasting for a time then left Onxydoll alone to enjoy the remainder of her massage. It was then on to the next adventure of the evening.

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