Disproportionate Futility  

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10/27/2005 5:13 pm

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Disproportionate Futility

I'm told by a lady-friend who has a membership that the women outnumber the men on this site and that they shouldn't have to do all the work. This is a curious comment. I'm finding that most of the "women" on the site have short, almost pre-fab messages with standard memberships only. Lord knows how many messages I've sent to phonies. She's complaining about the men not doing any of the work. Strange, has anyone else out there noted that this seems to be nothing but a sausage-fest? As of now, I've had three e-mails worthwhile. Damn, I guess I should have just taken a pic of my cock and went straight for a low-down-and-dirty, "attention all ladies, I have what you want right here and I'm not afraid to give it to ya'! C'mon, you know you want it." Who knows, maybe she knows something I don't but I'm sick of being original with each e-mail and have had better luck at the bar. This site is a waste. Fukit.

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11/4/2005 5:36 pm

Nowl, you're so right and your friend is sooo mistaken... AdultFriendFinder is the biggest helmetfest, hence a dude commenting on your post. The dudes outnumber the ladies at least three to one. My example being CAM SHOWS, there's 356 people currently on cam, 32 of them are women, of the 67 couples to view, 3/4 of them are only the dude stroking it.

The only way that women could possibly have higher numbers is because of the webmasters posting fake ads trolling for suckers (Gods know I've been netted here before). I've also sent sweet and sexy original emails only to get nada, at least most blog comments are replied to. You'll have more luck offsite and my current Fu**Buddies are all from offsite. But it's safer here for me because of the anomynity and disposability of the web (I hate the disposability of the web, too!). Walking wounded sux.

If you get out there and comment on other people's blogs, it might draw people to check out yours and through reading more and making more comments, you can maybe find your liking or be found. Your comments are smart and funny and have all the qualities of the top of the list. It costs nothing but thought and time to post comments and think of all the wonderful rewards (oops, I'm still walking wounded, dang it!) Oh, yeah and is that a picture of Big Pun?

NowIsTheTime89 47M
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11/4/2005 6:02 pm

I think I got the pic from a site called UglyPeople.com. I was looking for awful pics for my IM and a friend told me to check it out. I hate poking fun at people but the pic fit the title. Thanks for your comments. Will give your strategy a try as the creativity factor for new e-mails leading to dead-ends is rapidly diminishing. Happy hunting and thanks for the comments!

NotAvailable1971 46F

11/7/2005 7:00 pm

being one of the "thousands" of women on here, i prefer original emails. Can't tell you how many emails my friends and i have gotten that are all the same. Yes there are more men than women here, but sometimes all it takes is an attention grabber. As for breakfast in Detroit late at night?.. Come to Windsor.. everything is open later there.. Good luck

NowIsTheTime89 47M
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11/8/2005 7:05 pm

Dear NotAvail- I'm starting to get your point. And the site has gotten more fun as I've started changing my expectations. Actually, I'm thinking of blogging on MySpace.Com as I can likely get a little broader there topic-wise.

Probably won't be doing a breakfast in Windsor unless I'm partying there. Know of any good nightspots? A friend of mine always used to take me to the "Sitting Bull". I semi-regularly guest-taught a karate seminar at his aikido dojo, which is right next door. But thats about the only place I know of. Thanks for the comments and if you know of hotspots for live music, that is my fave.

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