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3/22/2006 7:35 pm

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Tonights blog comes without a preformed agenda....
Just a free form flow of thoughts spewed onto paper as they enter my mind.

First off, are there others on here that find large scale spelling errors in a profile to be a huge turn off? It has happened a few times, I am drawn in by a subject line, or an image, and, as I delve into the owners profile, I discover one spelling error after another after another. I am far from perfect, but, come on now, you are trying to sell yourself to others, to woo them with your textual representation of yourself....I just think spelling errors get you off on the wrong foot.

Along an unrelated tangent, my recent flu/cold has caused me to lose my sense of taste and smell. Funny that it sometimes takes the loss of a sense to make you realize how much you miss it.....so, let me pose to you a qestion - if forced to give up one sense, which one would you concede? Which of the senses would you least like to be without?

And, with that, I'll wrap up this mostly self serving blog.....a wild night of cold medication and possibly a hot bath appear to be on the horizon for me.

HotandSmartChick 49F

4/14/2006 5:19 pm

I agree with the misspells in profiles. My personal favourite is when someone says they are intelligent, then they spell is "intulligant" or something equally incorrect.

Don't fret, it is a huge turnoff for me as well.

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