It Always Pays... Not To Have Expectations of Others...LOL  

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9/28/2005 10:27 am

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It Always Pays... Not To Have Expectations of Others...LOL

Hey all, just checkin' in... been busy getting this body toned and in shape for the upcoming basketball season. I have a number of games that promise to be competitive and rewarding this coming season. It's been a good summer... attended a few camps, increased my knowledge and expertise, met some good men, and traveled rather extensively.

In between I'd been pursuing and hopeful in finding a mature, open-minded, secure, adventurous, and sex-minded couple to build a rapport with and extend that to an enduring friendship. That search still continues... I have met a few couples.... who have been truly fun to socialize with and I like that we have all become comfortable with allowing things to flow naturally. One issue is and remains that you want something preferably within a reasonable distance but as fate would have it.... most of the really good, real, and genuine people you meet online... turns out that we're usually geographically ineligible. But, I believe that persistence will get you everywhere ... so onward I proceed.

I have a question... rather it's a rhetorical question (those viewing this blog can feel free to comment)... how in the heck can anyone know that they are right for someone or vice versa...without ever entering into some type of communication where you get to discover or expose that person(s) for who and what they are or aren't? It truly baffles me-lol... but on the other hand, it most likely is just as well as these same people are probably just that jaded or shallow in their vision especially, if they can determine on face value (pic) that they do or don't want to get to know someone.

So, I've moved up from actually receiving courtesy in terms of my contacting people and them responding back - heeeey noooow!... To actually meeting them face to face... having good conversation... and feeling postive about an actual encounter.... to regressing back to step 1... after the meeting... I usually recieve an email telling me how nice, cool, attractive, or sexy/sensual I was but they've decided to go in another direction... now please don't get it twisted... I can accept rejection... but damn... don't just lead me on only to burst my bubble after I've showed you that I resemble who I say I am in my profile... my honest intuition tells me that either those I've met are interested in a type of relationship that I am not capable of giving (again my profile is clear on my intentions and desires), or they have an agenda that they didn't share with me... in any case I remain true to myself and will not tell a lie to achieve my stated objective... but the other thing I sense more and more is that there is no real value on candor, directness, and honesty... single women and couples seem to accept being mislead, misconstrued, and/or played with... I simply won't get down like that because it contradicts who, what, and why I am .

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I know there are people in this huge society similar to myself in that we don't believe lack of sex is a substantial reason to end a relationship or break up a family... that is simply ludicrous. However, at that same instance of thought.... we don't feel that we should subject ourselves to the frustrations of continual band-aid fixes (i.e., masturbation) as it only temporarily restrains the symptoms of desire and fulfillment... you know like a cold.. there is no real cure for a common cold rather there are a plethora of remedies to arrest the stuffy/running nose, sore throat, and painful coughs associate with cold and flu... I'm for simply running the cold germs right out of my body in as quick a time as possible.

My 'Gold' membership will expire in several weeks hence... and I have to really consider weather I want to invest more finances into this AdultFriendFinder... I never expected to have people flooding my email box however, what I did anticipate was that I'd at least get more of a response in terms of simply being courteous... I took the time and a substantial amount for me... to develop, think through, proof-read, and post my profile and being very careful to provide an answer to those who would take the time to read it that would answer most if not all of their general questions thereby clearing the way for them to say hey, I at least want to communicate with this person and see how and where their mind flows... and frankly, I find it disappointing that as adults we haven't displayed those traits that are common to mature, thoughtful, and compassionate people who are educated, articulate, and expressive.

The autumn season is upon us... one of my favorite times of the year... and I remain optomistic that I will find one sincere couple and one very cool single lady. We'll stimulate each other's mind and hopefully our bodies will follow suit .

If anyone is interested... and wants to contact me should I allow my membership to expire and descend back to basic... you will be able to find me always on yahoodotcom under wjay1 and on their messenger under the same.

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