Why go on?  

Notbigbutwilling 50M
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10/20/2005 8:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why go on?

Why go on?

Go on going online?

I was looking for something. I found something much better.

Sex is great. Great sex is fantastic.

But a friend, a true, caring and real friend -
that's a far, far better thing.

I've found friends.

So why bother going online any more?

Yes, I admit, I'm addicted to sex. Great sex, Fantastic sex, heck, any sex.

And even at the risk of sounding conceited, I'm damn good at it! I know how to make a partner enjoy herself.

So I give better than I get.

But I'm no 'typical male'.

So the friendship means so much more to me.

And now I'm at a crossroads.
I don't want to go on 'trolling' the internet for sex.
I can't even be bothered spending money on 'premium membership'.
I'm very happy too, with the friends I've made.

But I'm SOOOOO damn horny!!

What do I do??

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