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4/17/2006 7:31 pm
Want to know something?

I saw some other blogger post a list of things you didn't know about them.

Cool idea. I must steal that!


I have qualifications in Electronics Engineering and Business but don't work in either anymore. I am no longer pusuing the dollar, rather following my passions.

I hate violence, violent movies, horror and cruelty. Especially against children and animals.

I don't like dogs. I don't hate them or fear them, but unlike dog lovers, I DON'T think that a dog licking your face after it's eaten or licked it's ass or drunk out of the toilet is 'friendly'! EWWW!!

I like opera. Hate the sound of a soprano, but love a tenor or baritone voice singing an italian aria.

I used to play Bass in a blues / rock / jazz band.

I work 6 months a year in a desert, and another 2 to 3 among lush, green mountains. In 2 different countries!

I am not wealthy but while I have good friends I feel I am rich.

I like to give for the sake of giving, with only the recipients happiness for my reward.

I speak 2 languages fluently and another 2 acceptably.

I don't smoke, but love an occasional Cuban cigar. Bolivar, Fonseca, Upmann. Bank-breakers he he!

I have difficulty with exaggerating or lying. So I just avoid doing it.

I do not believe there can be such a thing as an honest politician, but I have met scrupulously honest businessmen.

I have travelled over 100km just to make a friend happy for a few hours, then turned around and gone home.

That's it for now.
Want to know anything else? Just ask!

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