Not a good day  

Notbigbutwilling 50M
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5/20/2006 11:08 pm
Not a good day

Very angry, frustrated, stressed.

Lots of crap going on.

Also suffering sex withdrawal symptoms.

So angry now I don't even want sex!!
Angry sex is no good.

Just needing to feel someone's gentle caress to soothe the savage beast.

A genuine smile, a soft kiss, a caring touch.
These would help drive away the pain, frustration and anger.

But I can't get this. Nobody wants to give me that.

They either want me to give them sex, or spend endless hours wasting my time on them for nothing. No relationship, no friendship, no sex.


I just get ANGRIER!!!

Yes, I like sex. But I am in need of someone who understands and respects me right now and nobody seems to be stepping up!

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