Foreign Instruction Manual  

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8/27/2005 4:58 am

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Foreign Instruction Manual

[Why the heck did I write this?]

Thanking you for welcome purchase of our fine product.

We have much joy in offer you our warranty of months not days and if fail please to return to supplier for immediate repair or insult.

We thanking you for purchase of "Pocket-size expanding electric penis" and welcom you to much joy of use.

To begin, first to insert battery.
With special tool, lift synthetic foreskin back and unscrew head of knob.
[My eyes are watering at the thought]

Place in 6 'C' batteries [Oh, NOW I've got your interest!] and ensure right way up. Restore knob to rightful position.

Swich on by switch on base of penis.
Utilise freely upon the necessary parts.

If fault is occur, please to refer to below:

Motor does not start - check battery. Maybe is not in mood. Maybe you ugly. Go away.

Make funny noise - you or it?

Smell of burning rubber - slow down honey!

In case of smoke emitting, please check if smoke coming from toy or you pussy. If from toy, please to remove entirely and allow to cool before checking. If from pussy being smokin-hot pussy, please to call me immediately. I'll be over in a flash.

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