Los Angeles Woman- This May Give You A Sense Of Me  

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Los Angeles Woman- This May Give You A Sense Of Me

We meet at a local restaurant and are both very pleasantly surprised that we actually do look like our pics. Better than that, we both find that the other is really much more attractive than revealed by our pictures.

As we settle into our coffee after a great meal and lots of laughs, our attraction, compatibility and goals is readily apparent and we decide to explore more of each other. You have only slight reservations, because I look so midwest and perhaps reserved so you wonder if there will be something so-so in store.... or if you'll get your socks blown off.

At some point in our meal, I manage to bring my face to your neck to take in the smell of you. Not being able to resist I nibble and kiss the nape of your neck... the chills sent up your spine give you some information. Our cheeks rub up against each other for awhile.. then our lips brush playfully and slowly. Your sighs and relaxing body lets me know I may become a little more penetrating with my tongue. You respond in kind and my hand finds your knee protruding from your dress.... then, lightly moves up your inner thigh... stopping respectfully at the fleshy middle of your leg and I withdraw as slowly. As our coffee arrives I take a look at your smiling eyes and simply say, "Check please!"

So assuming we eventually get down to the exploring of one another's wild side I will first simply look at you, perhaps lying on a bed or couch. If you choose it, I will tell you when you can remove the cashmere blindfold I've tied around your eyes. But, you may decide to use that later in our festivities. You may rather enjoy seeing the enjoyment of my face I will tell you to move yourself into different positions that turn me on. Blindfolded, you assume the various poses that I've asked for and hold them briefly, waiting for the next instruction. I move around the outside of the bed so my voice comes from a different direction each time... sometimes whispering very close to you. I remove the cashmere from your eyes so you may continue, this time seeing my face as I simply take you in visually. I see how joyfully and playfully you enjoy my watching you, knowing how much you like to model your sexy wear. You see the pupils of my eyes ballooning as I see you from different positions. I step toward you at some point and cradle your head in my right hand and look for a few seconds at your beautiful face.

I like the kind of kiss where we can't quite tell if our lips are touching though we can hear the sound and feel the brush of one another's warm breath across our faces. It's a long moment of the taking in of each other. The breathing becomes a syncopated mixture of both a response to the other and a parallel mirroring ... until we're simply exchanging one another's exhalations... eyes meet openly.... as the sensations and connections of the moment create their own satisfaction. Our relaxation winds and spirals us down, in fact, creating a new entity... a 'we experience' ... open.. and knowing each other's acceptance and desire.

Our breathing waxes, wanes, rises and falls until we are again cycling between matching one anothers' breaths and responding as if in conversation... communicating immediate our sensations. The initial hesitancy of the meeting of our lips has given way to nibbling and licking. My nibbling and licking gives way to a tentative probing of your mouth... finding your tongue... caressing it... then sucking it ... surrounding your tongue with my mouth... like I was sucking a small wet cock rythmically in your mouth. Shortly, I find that my tongue is captured by your mouth and you've sucked me in and surrounded me with the strong pull of your pulsating mouth.

Both my hands have been holding your head, massaging areas of your neck and scalp until I sense where it really feels good for you. As you respond in kind, my hands are no longer content with being limited to your head. My left hand starts trailing it's way forcefully down the side of your body. Wanting to avoid the impatient grope, I shift to a light touch, that flitters across the side of your right breast... up and down the mound though falling just short of the peaks, until I must grasp the object of my desire trying squeeze just tightly enough to not hurt, but firmly enough to make you whince with pleasure. You know where I'm headed and can only anticipate my first contact with your nipple.

My hand denies you this completion of your anticipation by beginning a new pilgramage down the middle of your belly in a caressing search for new sensations. Somewhere in the stroking the tips of my fingers find their way under the front panel of your black thong. Not, knowing your readiness I withdraw. Your right hand quickly stops the retreat of my hand, and I move my flattened hand back under exploring what's beneath the cotton. I advance downward to the left finding the crevice of your leg and crotch. While resting there I grasp this corner firmly, then come back up to the top edge of the thong... only to quickly give the right side crevice the same treatment. Only this time, two fingers of my left hand continue downward until they curl to separate the cheeks of your ass. My fingers only descend half way into those glorious globes of yours, and in their backward withdrawal manage to lightly catch the crack of your pussy lips. You whince a little. In that movement of my hands from your thighs to your belly again my fingers felt how hot and wet your crotch was. Damn, it was hot... and it was wettttt... as my hand continued drifting toward your belly you raised your hips slightly off the bed. O.K.... so now I know.

Instead, I go back to separate your pussy lips and enter you with a finger tip, just a little more deeper. I'm also excited at the prospect of finding out if you are shaved. I imagine the experience of the delicious sensation of my fleshy tongue to your fleshy pussy lips.... that is....... when I decide to go there.

Like a gentle see-saw I slide my single left middle finger until it finds the middle of your lips near your bottom, brushing the rim of your asshole for the first time then returning to your pussy.... and I simply rest it there for about 5 seconds... I continue leaving the pad of my finger just millimeters into the entrance. I continue with a gentle slow stroking over the entrance making sure to bring some of your juices to the tip top of your clit. I do a bit of massaging and circling of the bead, trying to coax it out a little more. Your gutteral moans let me know when there's been enough of that. Besides, I can simply feel with my finger tip that it's nearly doubled in size now. To be courteous I ask if it's O.K. to enter you. You don't say anything, but your hips come off the bed again arching this time. I repeat my request wanting to hear you ask for it and you simply say, "Permission granted Marc." I curl my middle finger descending into you.... YESSSS!! You are sopping wet! Not just damp, you are dripping. You move your hips move upward communicating your anticipation which compells my tongue to step up it's probing of your mouth and my right hand reaches around to embrace your whole body. As I can feel how sopping wet you are down there my grip becomes even tighter as I pull your body towards me.

Some minutes of this, while satisfying, does not sate the building tension we both clearly feel.

I begin a caressing and licking of every part of your body.... except your ass, nipples and pussy... it goes on for several minutes. No matter any requests you have for more than this, these special areas remain unlicked or unsucked although I'm caressing them. Words of my appreciation for various parts of your body may escape my lips.

I must eventually succumb to primal forces and so, while kneeling before you, I abruptly prop your legs up over my shoulders facing the separation of your beautiful legs giving me my first full view of what I could only feel before. With your knees bent over my shoulders I now have full visual access. I grasp the back of your knees and push them back until they touch your breasts. I spread them widely as I raise you higher off the bed. I can see both your pussy already glistening with juices and your asshole which greets me with some spasmic clenching.

You will feel a hot breath brushing against your pussy followed by just a flitting sensation of my tongue across your flesh, barely able to tell where my tongue is, because the stroke is hardly touching you at all. More hot breath and sighs.... mine and yours... as I continue the delightful torture of withholding a firm full contact licking. Done just long enough for you to want more. You are caught in the conflict of enjoying the approaching tease but your impatience also demands

You pleaded with me to repeat the process with your asshole... I decide that it's time to stop teasing and fucking around and with a push of my arms your ass comes right up to my mouth. I turn my tongue into a broad paint brush and begin one loooong, slow, firm, wide application of my tongue starting at one end of your ass crack and as I let your knees down my tongue I traverse from one end of your crotch to the other. I don't have to move my head at all. I control the movement with my grip on the back of your knees. It's a truly delicious and tasty treat for me and I let you know with a heavy exhale and sigh. You feel my breath on your bottom as I still have you bent back.

Even though you told me I could do anything I wanted with you... it really helped to hear the sound of your moans letting me know I can pull out all the stops. After some flittering nibbles between your cheeks, I curl my tongue narrowly and simply push it, wiggling like a worm on a hook, until I'm in as far as I can get it. Still moving it from side to side, hoping to give you more sensations. I begin to enter and withdraw in deeper and deeper strokes. The rosebud of your ass grips my tongue.

You expel my tongue with your ass muscle and you flip over onto your hands and knees and tell me, as if it were an order, "Give me that cock of yours, NOW!" You bring your shoulders to the bed, turning your head to the right and you reach forward stretching your arms as far as they can go, then grasping and balling up some of the bedspread into your closed fists.

I'm kneeling behind you, my hands stroking the length of your body from your neck and back to your butt. I place the tip of my rock hard tool at the entrance of your pussy, sliding it across the whole of your crack several times, juicing it up before pushing slightly in past your wet lips. Just the head for now. You like it and let me know. I push a little further, then I withdraw halfway... just to coat my cock nicely with more of your glorious liquid. The next thrust moves me more than halfway into you. You can feel the head of my tool widening and separating the flesh within you.... another slow withdrawal so the head has almost come out and it's back in now easily entering you, like a hot knife through butter. I can see my cock disappearing into your crack as I enter you from above and behind. I wish you could see it happening as I do, but have no real regrets as I can now hear you moaning in a way you've never moaned before with me. Ughhh ... Ahhhhh... Ohhhhh As I push further until I'm balls deep and you yelp out with a simple, "Ahhhhhh!!"

We pause as your pussy grips my cock, then relaxes.... grips it and relaxes.... until you've become comfortable.... no more than comfortable you feel the veins and shape of my cock and begin to feel waves of pleasure with my slow withdrawal. I start a gentle fucking in and out. Sometimes, I pull all the way out... just so I can reenter you and see my cock disappear in your pussy again.

I continue slow, tentative and deliberate thrusts deep into you.... you are moving your ass with my rythym seeming to want to consume even more of the shaft. I become more excited and can't restrain my natural desires... I now have no limits to the energy with which I'm driven to simply pound your ass with my loins gripping your hips strongly with my hands.... Plop.. plop... plop... fwap, fwap punctuated with a periodic unexpected loud slap of that butt of yours.

Another yelp of yours but this time I don't stop and I grasp your hips and pull your ass toward me continuing to pummel you. You fight me a little for control of how your ass moves but quickly surrender to letting me pound you in the rythym that I dictate..... you respond in perfect synchrony as the pace picks up.... I tell you to play with your pussy which you happily do. I reach over and grab my new toy I've left close by... already lubed. I move your fingers aside and insert the curved vibrating probe in your ass and you let out a deep gutteral moan of pleasure. By now, you're bucking like a bronco with it's balls cinched up. I stay with you matching each one of your moves. Now you're in control again. As you back up into me I'm thrusting forward... time after time after time. Bam... Bamm.. Bamm

Your breathing turns to gasping... your stomach tightens and expands... you relax your ass as I push the probe enter deeper into you and you squeeze my cock tightly as I withdraw. You feel the vibrating dildo in your ass and can even feel the vibrations in your pussy. You've done it now... you know you've crossed the line and must be the dirtiest, nastiest bad girl. The sensation of my cock gliding easily in and out of your pussy begins to build and create waves of a pleasure you've never experienced before. Now, there's a deeper... more full body sensation that builds within you.... as both holes of your crotch are fully penetrated, massaged and pounded.

You feel a welling up as if to orgasm, but it's not quite like your usual pussy or clitoral orgasm. There's something deeper and more primal about the way your whole body is taken by this sensation and wave. The tension builds and you demand that I not stop. I comply as I'm just shy of exploding and spewing my load. Now you're panting and bouncing fiercely. You almost can't get your breath as you move faster and faster and you begin to let out combination moans and screams of Ohh... ohh... ohh.. ohh getting a little higher in pitch. I know your close and I just take in the scene of your beautiful bouncing body and that's all I need to step up my own movement to climax, so I can join you.

As I hear the shrieks and moans coming closer and closer together I hear a sound from you that comes close to a scream of pain and my cock is gripped by you like a piano wire being pulled tight around it. I can barely move my cock, but manage to thrust two more times and I explode and temporarily forget about the sounds of your screaming as I can only experience the AAhhhhhh's and Oohhhh's of my own utterances. Simultaneously, your body shakes uncontrollably for a full minute... then, convulses every few seconds as you retreat from your peak.... letting the pleasure of the waves of declining sensation subside.

I collapse onto your flattened back. We're both huffing and puffing and just catching our breath. You turn over for another long delicious kiss and rest upon my chest as we continue to catch our breath... one arm across your back and one resting on your buttocks. Knowing you're just warming up.... I flip you over...... blah, blah, yada, yada.......

The End
Or, maybe I'm just not your type

P.S. I have to say that I am a man.... so most of my description depicts what we might do physically. It's been a little weird writing like I was doing some porn novel and I don't really know who you are yet, so I can't appeal to your unique sensibilities.

What I wanted to convey was my enjoyment of the playful tease and the building up of sensual pleasure and tension. As well as my enjoyment of finding some synchrony with my partner.

A part of me thinks that being so explicit with a woman who doesn't yet know me starts to approach the dog natured sending of cock pics by many men on this site. If you are offended by my lurid descriptions please forgive me. I'd like you to consider the fact that your profile as a woman is squeezed in somewhere between others with handles like: 'cumguzzlingslut' 'spermbank' and 'fukhor' so maybe you'll cut me some slack for being a little forward in my story.

My handle is genuine... I am 'Not Your Average Bear' here and hope you'll decide to find out more.

I hope I've been successful in my efforts and that you've enjoyed your read here.

rm_sexylady3716 50F

6/11/2006 11:49 pm

and everything he says is exactly what type of lover he is!!! this scenario sounds like something i have done before

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