Saturday night on the Net  

NotInnocentNow 35F
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4/2/2005 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Saturday night on the Net

Ok so of course I am a new mommy and have yet to find anyone willing to watch Ethan for any major length of time so my evenings are spent doing odd things and playing online. WOW the excitement! So it's Saturday night and I get the usual crap..."wanna cam" ok no I dont't because 1) I hate being watched on cam creeps me out 2) I am up and down from this desk so I realy do not want people watching me and 3) get a life I do not do cam shows...if I did I would have my own fuckin website lol! So I am sitting on MSN and this guy keeps messaging and not saying anything, and then finally it is supposedly his g/f trying to find out what he is doing online. I am like look sweetie I talk to him once in a blue moon and when we talk he ask me a gazillion sex questions ....So she is all upset, I am like ok well later. I do not need this crap, she wants to know where I met him online and all I am thiniking is UHHHH Sex site lol. I was like I don't have a freakin clue.

Ok so I get bored and go into the dreaded SC chat rooms on Yahoo. Bad move....typical crap ...then some guy messages me and is like "are you rich, bi or interesting ?" I answered I have money I am Bi and interesting is a matter of opinion. So he tells me I earned two chips...I am thinking OMG this is lame I am earning chips ...So I asked him why he was online ona Saturday night(he seemed somewhat attractive) and he is liek long story. I told him to condense it, and he informs me he does nnot divulge info . I am like oh yippee one of those guys. Well after a bit he finally ask me why I am italicizing everything. I said that is how my font is set and he had the nerve to ask is there anyway I would change it. I was like no have a good night he calls me a bitch and tells me I have no class. I roll my eyes and say you knwo my screen name is southern_with_an_attitude for a reason no good night. He is like "good luck with that class thing" . I am laughing at this point thinking just like a little boy to have to have the last word. Boys ....I just do not need a little boy!

Anyhow I have bitched enough! I have a headache, the wind is fierce tonight! Good night for some slow sensula love making ....damn it where is that person I am looking for when I need one!

Night ya'll!

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4/2/2005 9:18 pm

You're like, use the word "like" alot. So, What do you like?

rm_56kosmo 41M
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4/2/2005 9:28 pm

look very nice

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4/2/2005 10:46 pm

Hey girl, don't get to frustrated, it's good to not fret. I like you're rants. They are done very well. Glad you're doing things your way (as much as one can do i would guess). I'm new on this person looking thingy and just came across these blogs. Just giving you a hello. Maybe I'll here from you sometime. Remeber.....lasers. lol

keithcancook 61M
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4/3/2005 5:52 pm

Well, you did at least find a way to amuse yourself on a slow Saturday night at home.

fury182 47M

4/3/2005 8:43 pm

your rants are just fine, and besides that sounds like there are lot of idiots out there.

abdoullah5 41M

7/31/2005 4:00 pm

salut tu es d'une beauté rare à trouver ta foto me donne l'envie et exite mon appetit sexuel j'ai envie d te lecher et te sucer ton sexe c possible ?

ShaunemoneyXL 31M
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10/28/2005 10:39 pm

I feel you all the way and would love to spend some time with oyu and your son, and get to know you better.

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1/28/2006 1:19 pm

have you thought of dating a older guy? who knows better then to do anything but treat you well and with respect
You would you be amaze what a few added years can do in regards to understanding your needs.
Not saying I'm the right person, but if you had no luck keep me in mind.

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1/31/2006 6:14 pm

When can we meet? you won't be sorry.

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