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4/5/2005 12:02 am

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Write time to Cum

What a day.
I had to stop by my favorite gentlemen club to see some of my favorite ladies.

This is not just a strip club. This is one of the hottest clubs you can visit.

I walked in and immediately saw one of my all time favorites (ATF), Jane. Jane is a blonde with a slender frame, big D boobs, beautiful eyes and the sexiest smile you will find. She greets me and tells me how much she missed me (I know it's her sales pitch but that's okay with me. This is the fantasy I am paying for) Some more small talk then she is getting called up to the stage. It's her turn to dance. I decided that I don't want to wait for her to get done with her dance so I say, "let's go for a VIP dance". She would rather make the sure thing money of a trip to the VIP then to the stage so she quickly agrees.

Al always, Jane doesn't disappoint. She starts off with some touching and petting. Light kisses on the cheek and neck. Then her had goes under my shirt to rub my chest. I am rubbing hers. She reaches for my pants. There was a time when I was shocked that she would take my cock out and start stroking me (after it has been properly wrapped), then she sucks me until I shudder to a powerful orgasm.

This is not a normal part of my month, just an occasional diversion, and just what I needed today.

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