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shannee2006's story

She walked out onto the porch, taking in the clean morning air. She always enjoyed her morning hikes, either alone or with her man. But this morning, she felt a touch of electricity in the air. He had left a note on the bathroom mirror, with just a simple line.

Meet me at Lone Pine Lookout.

Care for a little adventure?

She was always curious at what he had in mind to surprise her; one night, he filled the cabin with candles to surprise her; another morning, he woke her up by going down on her which made her think she was having an erotic dream until she came with a cry.

She was dressed as she always did for her forest hikes; comfortable shoes, shorts, tank top with a light jacket, and her trusty pack. She headed out on the trail, wondering what his note meant. The rising sun blazed through the trees, warming up the morning air and forcing the night's shadows to retreat.

As she approached Lone Point Lookout, her curiosity was piqued. Then she saw him standing by the trees on the small rise overlooking the river that cut through the forest. She smiled and quickened her pace to go to him. He kissed her and hugged her tightly. "Ready for your surprise?", he whispered in her ear. She nodded, still wondering what he had in mind.

He reached into his backpack and pulled out some soft rope. Without saying a word, he removed her jacket and tied her wrists together in front of her. Her eyes went wide, but she didn't say a word. She'd always thought about trying bondage, but she feared that it would turn him off, for he always said that the thought of hurting her would crush him.

Her wrists now secure, he led her to a spot between two trees that stood close together. Taking the free end of the rope, he tossed it over a low hanging limb, pulling it tight and tying it to the trunk of one of the trees. Now her wrists were pulled over her head; not enough to cause discomfort, but she couldn't go anywhere.

He reached in his pack again and pulled out something that he hid in his hand. Walking back to her, he kissed her, whispering, "If you want to stop, just say your full name and I'll stop. Okay?" She nodded, her trust in him overriding the slight sense of fear in her stomach. He stepped behind her and tied a blindfold around her eyes, making sure it was secure.

With her vision blocked, her other senses went into overdrive: she could hear the wind in the trees, she could smell the fir and the pine in the air. Unconsciously, she tested the rope that tied her wrists, but it was secure. She waited to see what he had in mind next, her breath quickening. He didn't keep her waiting long; he undid the button to her shorts and pulled them slowly down her legs, over her feet and dropped them to the side. Running his hands up her legs, he did the same to her panties, dropping them over to the side.

She felt a slight chill as the breeze blew across her half naked body, but he wasn't finished yet. He lifted her tank top, exposing her breasts. Kneading them gently in his hands, he kissed her nipples, then kissed her lips hard, taking her breath away. She started to moan at his aggressive passion, and her hips started to move slightly.

She heard him move away, the sound of him rummaging through his pack letting her know he still had more surprises in store. She felt his hands on her left ankle; he was tying a rope around her ankle and pulling it to tie the free end off. After he tied her other ankle, she was standing there with her legs spread wide; her body like an inverted Y. She felt the breeze blow across her pussy, now moist with anticipation.

He said nothing, but walked around her, running his hands over her body. She felt the warmth and energy from his essence flow from him into her and it excited her. He played her body like a violin; a caress between her thighs, a playful slap on her ass, a kiss on her neck; it all worked to have her squirming against her bonds.

She heard him move in front of her and sit down, then she felt his breath on her pussy. He slowly ran his tongue up and down her lips, his hands softly gripping her ass. He continued his oral assault and she wanted so bad to grab his head, pulling him in tight. But the ropes kept her from doing so; she was at his tender mercies.

He licked and sucked on her pussy and clit until she was about to scream. He didn't stop, but instead slowly slipped a finder inside her, pushing her over the edge. Her orgasm was so intense that she didn't realize he'd stood up until she felt him untie her ankles and then press his naked body against hers. She felt his hard-on probing at her pussy, as if it had a mind of it's own.

Lifting her up, he slid her onto his erection. She gripped the rope above her wrists and wrapped her legs around his waist, her feet locking behind his back. She discovered that she could move by using the rope, so she moved up and down, feeling him going inside and out. He pressed his body against hers, pumping with a steady rhythm.

She could hear him start to grunt and he moved a bit faster. With her eyes blindfolded, the connection between them was beyond the physical sense...more of a spiritual sense. She could feel his body approaching orgasm, she breathed with him, moaned with him, and, when he finally came, she joined him with her second orgasm. He held her tight as his body slowly stopped shaking.

After he untied her wrists, they sat there together on a blanket; the blindfold removed. She felt like she was still outside of her body somewhat, but his arms reassured her that he was there. Together in silence, they watched the sun continue to make it's way into the sky.

It was going to be a beautiful morning...

Dedicated to [blog shannee2006]

©NG61 2006

NGs_lady 65F
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6/29/2006 5:30 am

Again a wonderful story I am so glad that you share your gift with us all. Just wish you would try to get published before someone does it for you.

Hugs and love


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:40 am:
Thank you, my lady...

I will try to get some soon as things settle down, okay?

mysticdreamangel 62F
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6/29/2006 5:33 am

I feel like a child...each morning waking up...turning on the computer...waiting for the words I long to read...but by the end of your stories, I know it's not a child that reads the words bring out all this woman longs for, needs and wants.

Another sensually written masterpiece! Shannee2006, I'm sure, will cherish it forever.


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:41 am:

Thank you...I was getting a bit worried that the well was drying up...

Thanks again...

rm_PeanutJackie 37F
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6/29/2006 5:36 am

Wow, such a wonderful story. That definitely got me worked up this morning

"I am beautiful no matter what you say, words can't bring me down. So don't you bring me down today."

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:41 am:

I hope it was a good worked up feeling....


HBowt2 60F

6/29/2006 6:14 am

Each one is a masterpiece....and so different.....this was so left me aching....

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:43 am:

I hope the ache wasn't too bad....that's not my goal in writing these requests....

btw, finally got a working idea for your story....


MorganLeFaye1978 40F
110 posts
6/29/2006 6:37 am

Once again another masterpiece NG. I always save reading your blog til last. Because you know what they the best for last! Thanks for a wonderfully blissful morning!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:44 am:
Wow.....I don't know if I can handle being put on such a pedestal...the fall could hurt...

But I do thank you for your reading and commenting...that means a lot to me...

ohcurious14 60M  
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6/29/2006 6:47 am

Speechless here!!!!! WOW!!!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:45 am:

Oh c'mon, I know you can say something....


rm_shannee2006 53F
3355 posts
6/29/2006 6:51 am

NG...I am nearly speechless. My husband would tell you that says alot right there. LOL! I loved that story. It made me hot and it described a favorite fantasy that I've yet to fulfill. How did you know? You must be very good at being a Dominant...

I have never had a man write a fantasy for me before. Heard plenty of them...but never had one written for me. I feel like you've given me a cherished gift and that you couldn't have given me a higher compliment than to consider so exactly what would please me.

All I can say is that your Lady is very a very fortunate woman in having you...and I already thought that on several other counts. I see her appreciating you over and over. Generously. It's an honor to witness your relationship on the small level the two of you allow here.

Thank you.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:47 am:

I am pleased that you liked this...and you provided me with the reading your profile and your a little reading between the lines.....simple for a hack like me.

Thank you for the kind words...and for the record, I'm the lucky one to have my lady...she got the short end of the stick...imho...


wickedeasy 68F  
31321 posts
6/29/2006 7:15 am

staples the cleaning bills together and sends them off to VA

growls deep in her throat

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/29/2006 9:32 am:

If I didn't give you something to complain about, you'd make something up

Love ya anyway......

Shameless_Biotch 50F

6/29/2006 7:54 am

I second what shannee says, NG...another very different and oh-so-erotic story, paced to leave me breathless, aching....WOW!

Thank you, My Dark Sage for putting a sensual and fun face to WIITWD...your calm steady presence is felt.....would love to have the honor of feeling it in person

IMHO, you are the best!

Your Shameless #1 FAN

*disappears into a cloud of cherry blossoms*

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:48 am:

I'm glad you enjoyed it as well...

I don't know about the 'calm steady presence'...most of the time, my mind is in turmoil, but that's my own personal battle...not anyone else's...

Thank you...

Shameless_Biotch 50F

6/29/2006 7:59 am

P.S. Here is the picture you asked for
It didn't come out on the last post for some reason!



Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:49 am:
I liked both pictures that were up here....cute thong in the other one....

Thanks....gave me an idea to write....

MaggiesWishes 61F

6/29/2006 8:31 am

I do believe you have found your calling, my Dark One.
Such stories to come out of the Dark Fortress are but tiny gems in your treasure chest.
AND if you don't do some research for publication, I wiil!

warm huggies 2ya

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:51 am:
Bright One,

If you say so, I still don't know what my calling is....

but thank you....I do have some on-line leads for publication...

rm_shannee2006 53F
3355 posts
6/29/2006 9:05 am

Wow...that story is just as arousing and pleasing on the second read as it was for the first. It pleases me just as much that others like it too.

I say this, knowing that your Lady will read it and that my husband would not feel offended in the least by my opinion, but I humbly second Shameless in saying that I think you inspire trust as well.

*settling in by the storytelling fire again* Can't wait to read what else your fine storytelling mind comes up with for the others on your list.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:52 am:

Wow, a second visit....I am honored.

Thank you for the kind if I only had faith in myself like you all seem to have in abundance....

Thanks again...

mycin62 56F

6/29/2006 10:28 am

Once again, an awesome story. You have a true gift, and I second all the others who say you should publish.

I'll give you my highest compliment, I was VERY aroused by your story and it's a secret fantasy of mine too

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:53 am:

Thank you, I'm pleased...

and as to your fantasy, find someone you trust...and go for it.

I think you might be pleasantly surprised and stimulated...

Thanks again...

silverbreeze2 66F

6/29/2006 11:22 am

After this, I need a nerve pill! Excellent!! ( wondering why you aren't writing books? You should be!

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:55 am:
I'm glad that you enjoyed it...

Why don't I write books? Because my self confidence is low at the moment.....

Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them...

phoenix639 50F

6/29/2006 1:26 pm

You are a talented man who has managed to discover the art of getting under a readers skin.

You heighten the senses of the reader with your composition.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:57 am:

Thank you and welcome to the Fortress, if I haven't done that before now...

Thank you for your kind words...I have started reading your blog and though I might not comment that much, I do enjoy what you write...

Thanks again....

PlaynAgain 55F

6/29/2006 5:32 pm

I'm amazed every time I read your writing how well you capture what a woman would think and feel. Your mastery of erotica triggers the most wonderful fantasies for me.

"Attitude is everything. Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:58 am:
Thank you...

sometimes I wonder that myself....

maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, I don't know...

but I'm glad that you enjoyed it...thanks again...

rm_cinminroz 63F

6/29/2006 5:40 pm

What a wonderful fantasy! Hmmm, I wonder who I could share it with.

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:59 am:

Who could you share it with?

Someone you trust...
someone you can talk to openly...
someone who respect you...
someone who will put you and your desires first...

That person is out there, okay?



6/29/2006 9:02 pm

can I be your agent ?? google copyright now !

under the stars
We choose to write
you choose what you comprehend.
read twice and be nice
every key stroke... has a heart beat

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 1:59 am:
Thank you...I appreciate that...


6/30/2006 12:28 am

To Shannee of course but are you ever making the days drag till I can up close in person say "AUTHOR AUTHOR" {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 2:01 am:
Thanks MO...

are you sure about that...what with the big change in your life about to happen?

Thanks again...

HBowt2 60F

6/30/2006 3:15 am

But it was such a good ache....

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 3:19 am:
Then I am pleased....

libgemOH 57M/53F

6/30/2006 4:30 am

Uncanny and another one of my fantasies... -B {=}

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 4:37 am:
Then I hope you and Jim fufill it soon while the weather is nice enough to do so...


ahotpair4u2 66M/65F

6/30/2006 7:43 pm

1st time on your blog... I enjoyed reading them...In fact I had a headache and after reading this and another one Its gone... So add medicine man to your list of accolades LOL Female half of hotpair

Nightguy_1961 replies on 6/30/2006 11:18 pm:
Thank you and welcome to the Fortress...glad your headache is gone...

sexyariesgirl 59F

7/2/2006 9:14 am

Wow!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL story.....

Power To FOK

Nightguy_1961 replies on 7/2/2006 9:50 pm:
Thank you...glad you liked it.

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