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Loyalty: faithful to one's country, friends, ideals, etc.; showing such faithfulness.

-Webster's New World Dictionary

What does loyalty mean? According to the above definition, it means being faithful to something. Okay, so where does that take us?

Through my travels, readings, and observations, loyalty/faithfulness can take on various dimensions. One tends to be loyal to their blood...just because they are your family. But then, I've seen families torn apart, never to be rejoined ever again. One tends to be loyal to a spouse/lover/significant other. But again, we know all about divorce, so where is the loyalty? You can be loyal to friends, a business, an ideal, whatever...but what does it mean and what does it take to be loyal?

I've written two posts about Honor and Respect. There was a method to my madness: I believe that Honor, Respect, and Loyalty are key components in a Lifestyle relationship, along with Mind, Body, and Soul.

If I am to be loyal to my lady, I must first have respect for her...as an individual, as a submissive, as someone who has given me the greatest gift a Sir could have: herself. I must honor her for being who and what she is and I must honor her desires and wishes...even though she is submissive to me. (Ahh yes...the sweet paradox of WIITWD)

With honor and respect there, I must be faithful to her wishes, desires, fears, hopes. She, in turn, must be faithful to that control and power she has given me with her submission. I must be faithful in what I do with her, and she must be faithful in what she gives me in return. We must both be loyal in the boundaries that we have set for each other and for both of us. For without that loyalty between us, respect will be undermined, and honor will become dishonor.

Loyalty to WIITWD means I, as a Sir, must never forget that I must always remember that D/s is about choice. I must be loyal to those who come to me for advice and counsel. I must show loyalty to my fellow Dominants with respect to the way they do things, always remembering that each of us take a different Path for our Journey.

Final thoughts:
Loyalty comes from Honor and Respect.
Without loyalty, respect and honor start to falter and turn to ash.

NG.....sitting on his mountain...watching the wheels go 'round and 'round.

sportsfan362436 48F

2/14/2006 1:31 am

*is thankful that You choose to share your knowledge and thoughts w/ so many* Happy Valentine's Day to You and Your Lady... *smiles*

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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