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2/2/2006 8:35 pm

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OK i hate winks seriously who really replies to them, but at the same time who is goin to connect to some one on whatever level they are looking for whether it be sexual or emotional with a few sentences. I am laughing sitting here thinking to myself the irony of it all the constant battle between the intelectual and the animal. So for all our entertainment allow me to provide to you the two versions of a message that i want to send.

Intellectual: Hi i really liked your profile you seem like a real intersting girl that i would like to know. Hit me back sometime so we can IM and chat it up.

animal: You sure are hot all i can think about is ripping your cloths off and taking you right there, ahhh if this interests you let me know

So which version is the right one? So ladies what do you like to hear or what interests you the most in a message please leave some comments of some examples if you don't mind we can call it a sociology experiment if you will.

If life were simple you could just walk up to a girl and state your intentions whatever they may be and she could say yes or no with no obligations or comintments, but honestly who likes simple life? Don't you think that is why countless generations ago an egyption princess thought huh one guy is pretty good i wonder how two would be?

"adventure is cheap, life is short and a moment of ecstacy is an eternity"

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