The Wild Blue Yonder  

Nicholas2062 35M
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3/31/2006 9:55 pm
The Wild Blue Yonder

Its so nice to be home where i grew up once again i really love it out here. I have been alot of places in the US and although i really like the people in the south (ok so i like the girls that run around with almost nothing on alot the scenery here is amazing. Five years ago i wanted some adventure so i figured join the army see the world well that whole thing kind of backfired on me i guess. alas though a new city so many atractive women and where to start the task seems so daunting that i just can't figure out where to begin. After spending a year and a half in the other desert with nothing but my imaginazion for entertainment (and i have a very good one maybe one day i will write some of it down and start an erotica book line) it is very hard to contain myself. I truly believe that you should be a gentleman and a lady out in public and what ever your dirty little imagination can come up with in the bedroom (unfortuneatly for you ladies out there society would like to call you sluts just because you don't fear your own sexuality and for us guys it just means that we are "the Man" its unfair i know but so is the fact that you can control us most of the time) so when you have been away for a while lets just say that its hard to control so much testosterone. So there you are trying with all of your self control to keep your erection in check ( and its very hard with all you hispanic girls out there i forgot how truly amazing you look) while your talking to some one and also trying not to keep eye contact if you know what i mean. So this place has changed in five years and now i don't know where the action is alas another night of imagination.

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