The origins of an AFF Handle  

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4/4/2006 2:52 pm

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The origins of an AFF Handle

After reading others bloggs and chatting online there are some interesting tales behind the handle names that people choose. So I though I would share mine.

Mush is obviously a nickname - so no awards for guessing that one folks!

NiceGuy is my "pet hate" - my whole life ladies have said your a nice guy, you can give me a ride home, but not a date/relationship... you know the drill. You watch nice girls go home with guys you know are pricks and there you are being a friend - "nice guy" again picking up the pieces. Hell its even gotten me mixed up in a scrap doing the right thing for some one.

There have course been a couple of exceptions (as there always are in life), but between work and sport I never seem to really click with someone who isn't already spoken for.

That said, once I hit my mid 30's (last year) things started to change a little and all of sudden the ladies seem to like the "Nice Guy" so my resolution was to put myself out there and see what happens. The old addage - "nothing ventured nothing gained" springs to mind.

So thats my story.

The picture to the side - well thats from an email - quite clever really, about a guy who lives his life alone doing what he wants, when he wants. Something tells me he wasn't completely fulfilled!

Parrells to my life there, but certainly ladies I am yet to be fulfilled romantically and feel like there is a void to be filled. All the things I do to fill my time are to avoid being bored and an attempt to prevent becoming a lonely, bitter and twisted old man! - well before my time at least!

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4/4/2006 5:49 pm


I think you are adorable!

Purry {=}


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