An interesting observation - relationships and older women  

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5/15/2006 4:50 pm

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An interesting observation - relationships and older women

One bizarre twist in my life is the age of women that I have dated.

Most men seem to date, have relationships with, marry women who are a 1,2,3 years younger. Gross generalisation I know, but its a common occurance.

In my case and I have no idea why, I struggle to meet and connect with people in that age bracket. I have some really great friends who are in their late twentys/early thirtys, a good 4 to 8 years difference.

At the other end I have had a number of friends and AdultFriendFinder replies from women in their early forties... lovely people who are a little worried I will think they are too old for me.

Beleive it or not when I was 21 I dated a 35 yr old for a couple of months - it was great fun!

My ex wife is a year older than me.

My friend from 6 doors down who I have posted about previously is six years older than me and there is some chemistry there.

So why are the women who I find attractive and who show interest in me in the older, rather than younger category.

Is that they have a wider experience of life?

Have they found themselves in a more complete way and are more 'comfortable' with who they are and what they want out of life?

Are they more accepting of people and their individual differences? Not wanting/needing to change someone into their perfect ideal...

Do they value their own space in life and are prepared to let a partner have theirs, eg my passions for sailing and hockey not being seen as threats, but interests to be shared at times and suported at others...

I don't know the answer. But these questions belie my observations

For what ever reason, these ladies will talk, frankly, openly about themselves, their lives and what they want, their dreams and aspirations. Its wonderfull, I enjoy these conversations immensly!

But best of all is a use of language, that is perhaps slightly more mature, with a humor that at times has delicious innuendo and leaves you longing for your next 'interlude' be it, phone email or a date..... The mental conection is immensely stimulating, enticing, arousing and addictive....

Which reminds me - I better finish some work!

GossipJunkie 41F

5/15/2006 6:03 pm

The 20s...awww...almost a fond memory for me...still a thing of the present for the next week or so. The 20s are all about self discovery. It's no wonder women find their sexual being in their 30s. In our 20s, we're too exhausted worrying (even if we don't admit it) what other people think and showing our family that we are, in fact, adults. Can't answer for the 40s. Ask me in ten years or so.

"Dance like nobody's watching"

sassyangel2006 53F

5/15/2006 10:18 pm

yes mush you are right... i dont hold too much stock on age, because as you get older it all rounds out! your friends span the generations, you dont so much choose them for the age (like you did when you were at school and varsity and your peers were all your age)...rather you choose them for their intelligence, for their humour, for their vitality and their outlook on life.

i have met 20 year olds with the wisdom and mentality of a 40 year old....i have met 40 year olds who act like they should still be in kindy.

having said that...i have a soft spot for guys a little younger than i am...i dont know why...but i do! you just might be one of them mush!

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