Options dwindling on the cancer front ...  

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2/24/2006 12:32 pm

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Options dwindling on the cancer front ...

I just heard from MD Anderson, and the RFA is out - apparently my Dr. hadn't made it clear to me that the growth 'near my portal vein' was actually in the lympth nodes not the liver itself, which is what he must have meant by it being systemic.

Bummer, that this just confirms that I have limited options and a short period of time left to me. Really drives home the point that you need to do what you feel like you need to in life, and that we really never know how much time we have left or what is coming.

I'm going to try the Breuss diet once chemo is over, and make this summer a real priority for getting things done that I've wanted to do - cause odds are extremely good that I have less then 12 to 18 months of healthy life left, and if I'm lucky another 8-18 months after that of going downhill before it's all over.

Don't mean to be depressing, but it's nice to share this somewhere, and seveal of the wonderful friends I've made on this board seem very interested in my cancer fight and how I'm handling it. If anyone out there has any suggestions or wants to follow my treatment and condition further I keep a log on my website too at www.goldwing-world.com/cancer.htm - feel free to post and email me.

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