Just joined up (rather reluctantly) and already seeing changes  

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2/1/2006 9:55 pm

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Just joined up (rather reluctantly) and already seeing changes

As anyone who reads my profile can see I signed up with some tripidation, and not sure that I can / will really take action so much as live vicariously a little. I'm married you see, and have always had VERY high morals - but after 2 years of discussing and begging my wife to see a doctor or find out why she just doesn't enjoy sex AT ALL anymore I just can't take it anymore.
It doesn't help that I've been fighting terminal cancer for 18 months, and have come to the realization that as much as I love my wife and want her to be happy it's not fair to LITERALLY kill and deny myself completely. Especially when it doesn't seem to be working anyway.
My girl friends (nope, never had sex with them) have told me I should get divorced, my best friend (a straight guy who's like a brother to me) says I should cheat, and when I asked my wife about that she said she 'wouldn't want to know' if I did. I had rather hoped to 'scare' her at the time into having sex with me, but that was early last year and the total for last year was THREE times. Only FOUR the year before that ... hell my neutered dog has gotten it more then me last year!
My shots look pretty good, but I lost over 100 lbs from a gastric bypass 4 years ago so my body is a little flabby looking, and I have some scars from the original cancer surgery - I also am not exceptionally well-endowed. That said I AM available for chat, meetings for conversation or to let me take or edit the backgrounds of your photos' - (it's a hobby I enjoy and like to offer to friends) I'm also a computer geek (I work for Microsoft in Irving) and an expert in Microsoft Word.
My FAVORITE hobby (besides watching TV and reading or writing) is riding my motorcycle, a Yamaha FZ1 that I've outfitted as a 'sport tourer' complete with hard saddlebags. If you ride bikes too and want to do an overnighter sometime that would be a great way to meet!
Even though my wife has indicated she wouldn't care I don't want to hurt her OR divorce her (it wouldn't be fair after her having to put up with my Cancer and all) I don't think it would destroy our relationship if she finds out I'm chatting or maybe even have a fling but I DON'T want to risk it - so discretion is a must if you contact me. I run a Goldwing - world site with info on Goldwings (my past favorite bikes) and get calls from other bikers and people looking for photo shoots all the time at home, so if you DO contact me that's a good excuse.

Guess that's all for a first entry .. really enjoying the friends I'm making here already though. It's nice to hear from people even if it's to say 'not interested' so feel free to contact me! Ciao for now ...

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