Random shit the ladies here need to think about.  

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4/8/2006 5:45 pm

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4/15/2006 3:44 am

Random shit the ladies here need to think about.

Just some thoughts. I hear A LOT of females complaining about the men on here. Which is fine; observing the fuck ups of those guys has helped me to avoid making them myself.

But a lot of females here make some mistakes themselves, too, and I doubt they're called out on them. That's probably because there are so few females here compared to males that the guys are worried about stepping on shoes.

Good thing that isn't a problem for me. With that said...

--What's up with all the people saying, "No --insert race here-- need apply." ?? That shit's just NOT cool. I have my preferences as to race, skin color, etc. Obviously its easier for those people to be top tier in my book then it is for others.

What happened to being TASTEFUL about expressing our opinions and wants? Saying "no whites," or something like that just comes off as tasteless to me.

Anyone with eyes can see that hotness can come in all shapes in sizes. You may be attracted to X race much less then Y, but why turn away those few from X you might like who could also be great people by definitively pushing them away?

I'm sorry, but anyone who says, "None of THIS skin color at all" already has a strike against them in my book. Why not just go ahead and put up a sign next to your front door that says, "Whites only" or something like that?

--Face pics. I totally understand the desire some here have for face pics. I personally don't think they should be immediately necessary up front just to initiate communication; for the sake of what we're all here for on AdultFriendFinder (sex) I'm much more interested in your body then face, unless you're just a completely mutilated COW who is going to immediately make my penis shrivel on sight, but that's not common at all.

I'm much more interested in the tools people are working with. For those of you insist that women connect with a nice face...well, yes, that can often be the case. But there also plenty of women who connect with a nice, big dick, and won't even talk to you on here unless you have one. I can't COUNT the "6-7+ inches only" or "hung boys only please" profiles I've read.

And remember that some here have a need for discretion. I'm trying to get into government work now, and Baltimore isn't the biggest of cities. Getting a top secret security clearance is something I'll probaby need to do, so, yeah, I like to get to know people a bit before I send out the ID'ing information. Don't get me wrong though, once things kick off you can't shut me up and I'll toss out face pics, phone numbers, addresses, whatever. Just not at first.

You wouldn't open your legs for someone after the first e-mail, why trust them with sensitive and highly personal information before you've even *met*??

--Oh, and if you bitch about people only having "assest" pics, then PLEASE HAVE A FACE AND FULL BODY PIC UP ON YOUR PROFILE. Too many women on here complain in their profile about getting a bunch of dick pics, but only have pics of their jugs and ass up. Or no pic at all. Please.

More later.

Edit: OK, it's later.

--Ladies, ladies, please do NOT ask for an intelligent man who is tasteful, down to Earth, and a good conversationalist WHEN U TALK LIK THIZ. Using all caps in Internet ettiquete means screaming, so every time I read all cap profiles I get a voice shouting in my head. Using tacky abbreviations like u for "you" and 4 for "for," etc. just comes off as juvenile, like I'm talking to my 8th grade niece on AIM. Please do not use run on sentences, either. Finish one thought, then move on to the next in the next sentence. No one is asking you to be perfect, but let's just say that intelligence is often attracted to intelligence, AND WHEN U TALK LIK THIZ it doesn't appear intelligent. At all. And that makes it look hypocritical and overly demanding when you specify you only want a dude "WIT BRAINZ."


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4/13/2006 7:22 pm

OR deeppink]LOL. I love it.

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