Random shit that I LIKE about the ladies here.  

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4/12/2006 9:11 pm
Random shit that I LIKE about the ladies here.

--Diversity. A nice amount of it here. People from America and all over the world. Really, I see that you need to be a gold member AND an avid traveler to fully take advantage of the opprotunities AdultFriendFinder offers.

I'm not a PC person who thinks diversity just for its own sake is worthwhile. I just think, in the case of AdultFriendFinder, lots of different people = options, which are always nice to have.

And although it drives me insane to get winked at by knockouts across the country in Arizona (or in Nigeria), it is cool that you could even enter that person's radar, so to speak, as before the Internet such a thing simply would not have been possible.

--Most of the females here do seem to have a decent head on their shoulders. They carry themselves like women: want to chat first, do an initial public meet-up, etc. Granted, this IS a sex site when all is said and done, but even something as natural and basic as sex can be done with a bit of taste, I believe.

--Pictures: I can be a very visual person, so its nice to see so many pictures of people (and their parts ) uploaded. I really should vote more, but I prefer to send winks.

What I'm reading:

I just finished "Tides," by Scott McKay. Eh. Ok. A fun yarn. It can be knocked out in a good weekend if you have one open. Nothing particularly epic, shocking, or original, but...fun. Sometimes I get wrapped up in such serious epics like "Wheel of Time," or "Song of Ice and Fire" or "Malazaan Book of the Fallen" that I forget the stuff that first got me into fantasy (Eddings, early Zelazny, etc.) was really, really fun.

Speaking of Erickson, I recently finished, "Gardens of the Moon," and am reading, "Deadhouse Gates," the 2nd in the Malazaan series. I'm still not prepared to put him on the level of Martin and Jordan, not yet, but the Malazaan series is growing on me. Now that I understand how the world works and who/what everyone is (something I had to fight to grasp during the first book) its much more enjoyable, though the prose is still shockingly dull and uninspiring.

I've got a Glen Cook book out, along with a couple about the CIA, but haven't gotten a chance to read them, yet.

What I'm listening to:

A lot of "Happy Pills," by Candlebox. Paradox Trio still makes the rounds, with "Balkan Suite" being one of the best songs I've ever heard. EVER.

What I'm thinking:

God I can't wait for school to end. Next week I'll hear back about a couple of big internships I'm applying to. My expectation is that I will get at least one of them; should make for a good, productive summer with lots of money.

There's also a bit of drama in my thoughts, just personal stuff with someone that's been festering for a while, but its not holding me back in anyway and I'd rather save it for later, so with that...


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