I love technology ... I don't llike technology ...  

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5/18/2005 4:00 pm

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I love technology ... I don't llike technology ...

Well, I was trying to snap a few more new pictures last night so I can update the picture page. The only problem is that my camera was acting all odd on me.

I checked my pictures afterwards and when I looked they were all blurry. I can't explain why they were so blurry since I used my camera maybe, two months ago. I used my usual settings that I like for easier use (yes, holding a camera with one hand and trying to press the button to snap the picture is difficult if you're trying to shoot sideways!). Of course, I don't think it could be the battery .. or at least I hope not since I charge it as often as I can.

Well needless to say I'm kind of disappointed they didn't turn out well .. oh well .. shuch is technology .. love it or hate it! *lol*

I do have them saved regardless. If anyone wants me to post them (and keep in mind that they are blurry) let me know and I will!

My thanks as always for everyone's continuing and reading of my blog here at AdultFriendFinder!

Stay safe, smile always


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