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In Thailand, women are trained for many years in the techniques of Pompoarism that strengthens and develops pelvic floor muscle and organs. All done through exhaustive sets of specific exercises with the aim of obtaining pelvic floor and organs total command of functions and movements.

Any girl can train this technique.In the beginning they can control the muscles when are pissing, allow the urine flows and stop it with this girls can identify how to move the muscles and in future isolate them without the need of piss.Make this 10 times per day in beginning. The secrect is in control of these muscles in contractions.

With the pass of days they can use Ben Wa Balls tiny ones and with the pass of days grow in weight and size the objective is to pull thems inside and trow thems from inside of vagina.

There are two types original are in metal and isolates or to begin with rope and non metal metal is more hard to do it with rope is to put thems inside without is play with thems inside of vagina .

This is a old technique and very difficult and frustate to train in beggining so if your girl are trying it give her full suport and compreention in future you will give thanks.

With this they can get and give more plesure.

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