I'm amazed...  

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11/2/2005 5:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm amazed...

at how superficial women are. You could add men in and under that same heading, but I don't give a shit about that argument here. What pisses me off are these women who seriously tell me not to reply to their ads if I'm not hung, buff, or handsome. What the hell kind of superficial garbage is that?

I'm sorry ladies, but there's a reason why my six inches is labeled "average;" it's deemed the most common, so get used to it. I’ve never been buff, but I am strong. I’ve been told I’m quite handsome; I’ve also been told I look like Billy Ray Cyrus--which to me, was insulting. Regardless, I don’t know why looks are so important. However, if we're going to implicate the average here, all I have to you menopause ladies is,

"Lose the cellulite from your lard ass before you impose a length restriction on a flaccid cock such as my own epically since you’re in the market for the men with hardness and stamina in which I have both since I’m not in my mid-forties; I only want a woman within that age group since our passions would be equal in regards to sex, and if you think a hard and lengthy cock is going to do it, you’re quite wrong."

I mean, I am sorry that I don't meet the criteria of most celebrities, and you'd think meeting people here for fun would preclude the idea that most people getting laid here are obviously not “pretty” enough to get it in real life, so we use our minds and words here instead.

So, I consider the source, and skip to the next profile. I know there's a woman out there who matches my burning indignation and burning-joyous plumes of life. I’ve only tasted one part of it, and not both. Don't let this entry lead you astray; I thrive on confrontation and celebration, and I like to say some women are just nothing but bitches.

It's not directed to any one woman in particular. However, I'm not very happy with my current situation, either. I can't help but think as she screamed at me when trying to wake her this morning,

"If she doesn't want me fucking with her in a joking manner or in a sexual way either, it's no wonder... she never wants any kind of interaction, so that only solidifies how I feel... single and disregarded or in a relationship and ignored."

Either way it's the same feeling, but it is unfortunate; I can't flash my tits or my cock up on the screen since I'm deemed average obviously like most others here, and I probably don't need the negative reinforcement of sexual play at this time, either.

That doesn't mean I don't have phone sex with my few women on the ready... you can believe that. At least a few women can appreciate my six inch dick, my hairy body, and my Buddha body. And maybe sharing these few emotions with my readers will get attention or more of the preverbal shaft than I expected.

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