Were you a fool?  

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4/1/2006 8:35 pm

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4/1/2006 8:36 pm

Were you a fool?


I almost fell for i dont know how many april fools day jokes. lol. almost. and after having an extremely shitty friday night giving blood. a family member was in a car wreck. Some friends picked me up in the wee hours of morning to go plot our dasterdly deeds on our unsuspecting "i never fall for a joke" friends.

it was fun, but i was tired the whole time.
and extremely tired now. I laid around in bed all day.

But i'm going to try and go back to work in the morning. Not sure if i'm really missing the crap, or just bored half to death. literally.

I didnt call and ask "can i come back?"


They called and asked me back

Nay knows her shit lol

I'm just not sure if i really want too.

This job is alot more dangerous than most people think. But see, i miss alot of those people that some would consider dangerous. Only problem is, G wants me on night shift and Nay NEEDS day shift. otherwise I have no sex life and i need a sex life. fuck buddies make my life a happy one.

I refuse to fuck passengers. Sometimes you have to draw a line. I've never fucked a roommate. Been tempted. Lusted for one recently. and had to move out. because crossing that line isnt a moral option. i may be a slut. but i'm a picky slut. and fuck you if you dont like it

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