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4/8/2005 8:14 pm

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I'm 33, so I decided to take stock of what I've done and where I've been; I think I've got a pretty good list of experiences to consider before I start being an asshole or a psycho in any given situation.

1. Run into your fear -- whatever the thing that frightens you, set your hair on fire and run directly into it. Running away from the things that scare the shit out of you will not only make you neurotic, it will require months of therapy, painful consequences, and an aura of negative energy that can only hinder your overall joy in this life. Be brave -- have courage -- the easiest path is hardly ever the right one.

2. Actions speak more about character than any word ever could. Make a point to do one thing for someone every day, whether you feel like it or not. You'll be surprised at how much difference that can make in your life.

3. Music is the sound of the human soul. Make as much music as you can -- in the shower, in your car, on stage, in a nightclub, with or without guitar. Especially in front of those you love. And dare to listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to. And writing poetry is like making love to yourself in front of the entire universe, whether you chose to share or not.

4a. Looks ARE important; don't kid yourself -- they are a direct reflection of what you ingest, how you live and what you do to stay fit and healthy. (Please note that I mention nothing about the dangerous illusion of perfection -- I am not perfect, nor do I want to spend time with anyone who perceives herself as being perfect.)
4b. Always eat your vegetables. I mean that -- it's difficult sometimes, but you'll get cancer and die if you don't -- really.
4c. Run as far and as fast as you can at least once a week. Better make that twice -- the rest of the time you should have lots of sex, with yourself or someone you love.

5. Passion is the key to your emotional door -- where your passion exerts itself is where you find both your strength and your fear -- the sacred and the profane -- a doorway and a cage -- life and death -- ultimately, your happiness.

6. No one owns me, just as I own no one.

7. Sex is not, nor is it ever, solely about recreation -- it is necessary and inevitable, to be sure -- but sex is about the mind being free to liberate the body to unleash the soul. It's both messy and cleansing, quiet and raucous, intense and silly, raunchy and beautiful. Why waste that on a one-night stand? You can't experience mountain-moving unless you believe it can happen. You're looking at a man who has multiple orgasms.

8. Sex can be quick and naughty or it can allow you to tap into the very energy that seeded this universe. You choose what you want it to be.

9. Wear your heart on your sleeve, and wear it like a badge of honor and courage. But it is important to weep alone from time to time.

10. Dare to be vulnerable -- every minute and every moment of your life -- you'll find your greatest strengths come from your vulnerability.

11. It's OK to use swear words if you hit your hand with a hammer -- or if someone breaks your heart.

12. Try not to take anything personally (it's harder than it seems).

13. Always do your best.

14. Your words are powerful -- be careful how you use them.

15. Never, ever assume anything -- especially about the ones you love.

16. When you fall in love, fall in love with purpose, with rapture, with fire, with compassion -- and without fear. If you feel like your heart's getting ripped apart by falling for someone -- it ain't love, baby.

17. Everyone has neuroses -- embrace yours and accept that others have them too -- then let it all go because that's about being an adult -- and we all want to be kids again. You just have to believe you are.

18. I am both a man and a boy at the same time.

19. People have physical parts of various sizes -- there is no such thing as big or small -- just different.

20. Ask for help if you need help.

21. Masturbate as much as you can -- you'll be happier and healthier if you do. And do it in front of a mirror, if you can -- you'll turn yourself on more than you could ever know. If you can do that, then you're ready to have sex with someone else with unbridled passion and sensual lucidity.

22. Write in a journal as much as you can.

23. FORGIVE YOURSELF OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE OR NOT DONE -- your life is not over because of mistakes. You should feel enriched because of them.

24. Love yourself so much that you cannot imagine life without you in it. If you can do that, then and only then can you share your life with someone.

25. Don't lie. Ever. Think about that -- that's about hiding, isn't it?

26. Never stop acting like a child.

27. Believe in your own magic -- believe in mystery -- believe in yourself.

28. Always, always, always -- give lots of hugs and kisses.

29. Call your Mom as much as possible -- and tell your Dad you love him, whether he responds or not.

30. Go to Disney World at least twice a year. And if you can't, watch Disney movies over and over again until you know scenes from the movie by heart. Especially the songs -- if you can sing anything from Mary Poppins, you're golden.

31. Cook for others -- from scratch -- as much as you can.

32. When you watch movies, and you feel like crying -- do it. And don't be ashamed. Being moved is sexy, beautiful, haunting, and BRAVE. Besides, who gives a shit what others think about your emotional vulnerability -- that's your shield and sword.

33. And I just wrote this for my friend Ginger, who already knew the lesson, but needed to hear it nonetheless: Just know that you're in the place you need to be -- poised to learn the lessons you're supposed to learn -- preparing to live the life you're destined to live on this crazy expansive cosmic journey that has existed since before you were born. No matter what, you are still apart of the cogwork of this universe, and you are an important component.

34. Showers and baths are incredible things. Bathe or shower often and with joy; water is beautiful and relaxing and healing. Meditate on how you want your life to be; let go of all the crap; just close your eyes and be filled with all the incredible energy that water can bring. Just ignore anyone who says you're OC.

35. For my friend Sheila, this lesson is important: For the truly strong in heart, as you get older, more often then not, you may go through a period or periods in your life where you have to be your own parents. Especially when you're craving a specific Mom's love or Dad's love you're not getting from your ACTUAL parentals, for whatever reason. Fundamentally, you must know you're needing a different kind of love -- something that can only be filtered through your individual Self. And it probably has little to do with them. Spiritually, cosmically, you've chosen a very difficult path, as this path is the path of Self Awakening. This is the path of Self Love and Discovery, and it can be a rewarding path. But... it can be a path of loneliness and challenge, because it is a path you forge only for yourself. You are your own guide. You are your own conscience. You are your own demon. You are your own caretaker. You are your own nurturer. You are your own slavemaster. You are your own liberator. It's a truly painful process, and it's a test of your soul, but the result can be a rebirth to rival the phoenix. When you no longer need what you crave, when you no longer pine for what you cannot have -- when you can be calm and still and breathe and truly know that YOU contain all the love you will ever need, and you accept that -- THEN it will be reflected back to you 100-fold, 1000-fold, from all kinds of people. And it might not be your parents, but it will be the same love you had wanted from them. You gave it to yourself. And while that light will be so warm and beautiful, it will not hold a candle to the star-fire that burns within you. That is the light that sustains. For that is the seed of the universe.

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